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23:51, November 6

By Anna Satyan

Armenia has been waiting for Jamiroquai band’s visit since summer. And, yes, finally on November 6 the acid and thick voice of frontman Jay Kay literally “flooded” the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex. Was it the concert hall only? No, it “flooded” the entire Yerevan…

The point of this Jamiroquai tour is “Automation” album (the eighth in a row), an album which enriched this musical direction with several hits – “We Can Do It”, “Summer Girl”, “Cloud 9” and “Carla” – over the last two years ... So, Jay Kay pleased the fans with relatively new tracks and famous hits from his past albums.

The waves of his energy-stuffed music rocked everyone, even those who are not very familiar with his music. Some of the spectators (yes, I accept it was me) could not hide tears. The vibrations from the stage were so strong and warm that it seemed as if the entire hall was one person. One single hall was dancing and singing together with Jay Kay. Of course, he knows the secrets of working with the audience, he is open and charming, he knows how to switch his mood from aggressive and funky to lyrical and gentle at the same moment.

And, the show itself, which is a part of the ongoing Silk Note festival, turned out to be extremely cool: the sound, the light, the awesome energy that Yerevan will remember for long. It was one of those concerts that can make our small but musical city feel proud.

Anna Satyan

Photo by Arsen Sargsyan

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