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16:04, April 12

Armenian-Belgian artist KeyOh has recently released her new music video on the song «Chica Bomba», which is a collaboration with world known artist Danzel, who is mostly famous with his hit song «Pump It Up». This collaboration is also unique with the fact, that Belgian singer performs his part of the song in Armenian. STYLE has talked to KeyOh about her new duet and her friendship with Danzel.

«I actually met Danzel 7 years ago, we had the same management. And from day one we had a great click and started a friendship. Even back then we wanted to release a song together. But I guess the time wasn’t right. And I’m glad we didn’t because now I have created the perfect song for us and it’s a wonderful collaboration. Hang in there because a TikTok challenge is also coming for all the bomb girls. That wouldn’t have been possible 7 years ago, right?».

According to KeyOh Danzel had no difficulties in learning Armenian lyrics and managed to do it in a very short period of time.

«I’ve invited him to our studio to listen to my album and give his opinion. After listening to the album we came up with the idea for him to sing on «Chica Bomba» because he liked the song very much and thought and still thinks this song will be a big summer hit. The part he would sing was obvious. It was definitely the hook line. But a very big challenge to sing in Armenian as he is really not familiar with the language. Surprisingly that was easier for him than I thought. He did such a great job recording it so fast and so great. You almost don’t hear that it’s a non Armenian artist who’s singing. That proves again how talented he actually is. He also loved being in Armenia and is looking forward to go back and give some performances this time with me».

As always KeyOh looks very sexy on her music video. Speaking about her husband's reaction on her looks and movements, the singer says.

«My husband was there when we were filming, he is always by my side and knows that it’s just professional. We also decide everything together: clothes, scene and move. We just always make sure that things don’t look vulgar. To stay classy and sexy is totally ok for him. As you know he is an artist too, so he knows what’s going on. By the way, the dancing scenes we did in the music video that day was in a garage. And happens to be on a very cold day and we were literally freezing but kept going with our «hot» scenes. My husband was so proud of me and the girls that day. We just didn’t give up. This are moments that only artists can understand and appreciate. I don’t think he even had the time or luxury to be jealous».

This period is not easy for artists, because of Covid 19, but KeyOh says she will continue releasing new songs making people move and dance with her.

«We had to shoot the music video in 5 days because we couldn’t gather to many people at the same place. It hasn’t been the easiest year for artists, but we keep delivering work and hope you all will love it, dance on it and sing along. I’m just so proud I managed to let an international superstar like Danzel sing in Armenian. So the world can sing too!»:

Syune Arakelyan

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