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Only in Dubai! Flower boutique offers world’s most expensive Valentine's Day bouquet for $82,000

19:35, January 30

 A flower boutique in Dubai is offering the world's most expensive bouquet for Valentine's Day at $82,000... but it comes with a Hermès bag.

Such incredibly expensive floral arrangements from the FloBerry boutique in Dubai may seem pointless. However, it makes up for this with unmatched style! This flower boutique company is offering “free” Hermès bags to those willing to shell out for exceptionally expensive floral arrangements.

цветы.jpg (49 KB)

The most affordable package costs 44,000 dirhams ($12,000) and includes the Hermès Kelly Dépêches 25 handbag in black Togo leather. For $13,000, the color set includes Hermès Hac À Dos PM in Noir Black. 

цветы1.jpg (53 KB)

After spending a staggering $40,000 on exquisite flowers, you can gift your sweetheart the iconic Birkin 25 Ostrich in Hermès 2024 Apricot.

цветы3.jpg (49 KB)

And the most expensive option in the floral collection costs $82,000, which gets you the Hermès Kelly 28 Crocodile in Vert Cypress.

“At FloBerry, we strive to go beyond the ordinary and redefine luxury gifting. Our exclusive collection of the world's most expensive floral arrangements paired with iconic Hermès bags is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences,” said FloBerry Boutique co-founder Eugene Weygandt. “We invite our discerning clients to experience the extraordinary and celebrate life's moments with unparalleled elegance.” 

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