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Martell presents world's most expensive brandy worth $1.1M

15:33, February 29

Les Remarquables de Martell is a luxurious brandy that can pass for an extravagant decoration. A blend of two brandy spirits from Grande Champagne makes one of the most expensive brandies in the world.

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Its rarity can also be explained by the fact that the blend consists of two brandies, each aged 70 years, which were selected by cellar master Christophe Valtaud. One of them is aged in an oak barrel longer; its aroma is characterized by strength and tension with pronounced notes of cedar. The second is fresh and bright, with notes of honey, white flowers and candied fruit. An exceptional blend like L’Or Réserve du Château de Chanteloup deserves nothing less than the most dazzling bottle (dame-jeanne).

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French artist Laurentine Perilhou, known for her macramé work, added a luxurious touch to the piece using gold threads. “My goal was to make the invisible visible,” she said, “from the Earth to the Sun, from the roots in the soil to the leaves of the vine facing up to the light.”

The gold threads symbolize the roots and are decorated with tiny gold nuggets that add a touch of glamor to the bottle. The masterpiece is complemented by three synthetic sapphires and one diamond, set in 22-karat gold, as well as 40 cabochons made of 300-year-old oak.

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Maison Martell offers bespoke accessories as well. A set of six Baccarat glasses, a macramé bottle neck decoration, and a pair of white gloves will help you create a unique experience. Les Remarquables de Martell is expected to sell for nearly $1.1 million.

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