Vacheron Constantin unveils world’s most complex mechanical watch

23:17, April 12

Vacheron Constantin presented the most complex mechanical watches in the world, at the Watches & Wonders exhibition, writes Robb Report.

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This one-off custom order, known as the Berkley Grand Complication, will be owned by billionaire insurance magnate and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of New York University W.R. Berkeley, an American. He also owns another unique model from Vacheron Constantin, the 57260, which features 57 complications.

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The Berkley Grand Complication, with its 63 complications, took 11 years to design and more than a year to assemble.

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In addition to being the most complex watch ever made, Berkley is also the first mechanical watch to feature a traditional Chinese perpetual calendar. This mechanism will remain accurate until the year 2200. The Chinese calendar is very complex and tracks the signs of the zodiac, yin and yang, making Vacheron's achievement noteworthy in itself. The watch's astronomical complication tracks the night sky and is calibrated to Shanghai.

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If you think that these watches are mainly aimed at China, remember that of the 13 Chinese complications, there are 50 more. And here are the most interesting ones:

  1.  Chronograph driven by a column wheel accurate to 1/5 of a second
  2.  second split-seconds chronograph
  3.  multiple chronograph counters
  4.  Gregorian perpetual calendar
  5.  equation of time
  6.  sidereal time
  7.  Moon phase with an accuracy of more than 1,000 years
  8.  Day and night length indicators
  9.  Westminster carillon with five gongs and five hammers

 The list goes on—and on up to 63.

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Crafted from white gold, the watch weighs 960 grams, measures 90.8mm across and 50.55mm thick, with 2,877 Berkley components set with 245 precious stones, and each component is hand-finished at Vacheron Constantin's famed store known as Les Cabinotiers.

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