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Bugatti Home collection combines more than century of brand heritage with modern design

16:25, April 18

During Milan Design Week, Bugatti Home presented a new furniture collection that combines more than a century of Bugatti heritage with contemporary design. The official opening took place in the historical gardens of Palazzo Chiesa, writes Hypebeast.

буга.jpg (82 KB)

This year's collection is presented in a setting that seamlessly transitions from the latest Bugatti Mistral hypersports car to a refined home environment, embodying the spirit of Ettore Bugatti's original greenhouse in Molsheim.

буга1.jpg (117 KB)

The design emphasizes the craftsmanship, simple elegance, and meticulous attention to detail that are hallmarks of the Bugatti brand.

буга2.jpg (106 KB)

The Bugatti Home 2024 collection features pieces crafted from European high-pore oak, glass and metal, combined with luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, wool, silk, and leather.

буга3.jpg (96 KB)

The new products combine natural materials with advanced technological elements, creating a unique play of transparency and durability.

буга4.jpg (94 KB)

Highlights include the Type_1 modular sofa, love seat and chaise lounge, which reinterpret Bugatti's signature "C-line" home decor.

буга5.jpg (53 KB)

The Type_4 dining table and Type_5 chairs continue the automotive inspiration with their sleek, aerodynamic shapes, and use of materials such as carbon fiber and hand-painted aluminum.

буга6.jpg (96 KB)

In addition, the Type_7 table stands out with its innovative design and almost invisible built-in drawers.

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