Englishman obsessed with sex with married women, especially wives of business partners, friends

23:39, April 18

An Englishman living in California is obsessed with sex with married women, especially the wives of his business partners and friends.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, the Briton insisted the practice is more common than many people think. The 56-year-old womanizer is married, but, of course, hides his adventures from his wife. "No one gets hurt if no one finds out," he says.

He justifies his strange passion by saying that as a child he lacked the attention of his parents and was always in the shadow of his brothers. The first time he got the thrill of an affair with a “strange” woman was when he slept with his brother’s girlfriend.

“I felt great, like I was on top of the world,” he recalled. “Sex with my brother’s girlfriend gave me an extra thrill because I was having sex with someone he—one of the golden boys who monopolized my parents’ attention—cared about. I finally got the situation under control."

He moved to the US in the 1990s, worked in Silicon Valley, and wooed women with his British accent.

“I work in financial technology—often called fintech—and the truth is, I hate these networking events,” he explained. “The Fintech industry employs a disproportionate number of men, and the only beauty is that you can meet their better halves at events like this.”

“As I shake hands with a new business acquaintance, I wonder what kind of wife he has. They all think that their other halves are different and will never stray from the righteous path. But actually it is not." “I can get away with it because I’m the last person you would expect to seduce your wife,” he said. “I'm far from Brad Pitt. I'm a pretty normal guy, a bald Jason Statham with a rudimentary daddy belly."

After his second marriage, he moderated his ardor, but admits that he cannot stop courting women with a ring on their wedding finger. “I try to be faithful, but the desire to have sex with someone I shouldn’t sleep with sometimes trumps all rational arguments,” he said.

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