Extreme sex on roof of moving subway train

21:42, February 16

Fans of extreme sex have reached a new level by deciding to indulge in carnal pleasures on the roof of a moving train. Two men indulged in passion on the roof of a moving 7 train in New York.

Photos of the dangerous incident were published by Jonathan Ely on his microblog X. The photo shows the couple standing on the roof of a metro train as it crossed the overpass over the Van Wyck Expressway. (86).jpg (40 KB)

The first image shows one man wearing a dark sweatshirt with his pants pulled down - his bare buttocks clearly visible to viewers - holding another man from behind. The second photo shows the two men now facing each other. The one with his pants down is standing upright, while the other appears to be squatting in front of him. While they have sex, a third man sits on the other side of them and watches the free show. The identities of the extreme sportsmen are currently unknown. (36).jpg (81 KB)

“The only thing stupider than riding on top of a subway train is dropping your pants while doing it,” MTA communications director Tim Minton told The New York Post. "These reckless clowns don't think about the mess the cleaners and other transport workers will have to deal with if their stupid stunt goes wrong." (28).jpg (42 KB)

Puzzled commenters shared their thoughts about the strange sex on the roof of a train. “New meaning of the song: “The train rolled all night””; “A picture is worth a thousand words”; “I don’t even know what to say about this!”

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