Turkey is most promiscuous country on Earth

21:40, April 9

Turkey is the most promiscuous country on the planet, according to a loving analysis of the world's sexual habits. As per World Population Review, the average Turk has 14 sexual partners.

“The average number of sexual partners can vary significantly from country to country, as cultural norms can have a significant impact on the number of people someone has sex with,” the website stated.

Countries considered to have more liberal views on sex, such as Brazil and France, were at the bottom of this list. The average Brazilian has a score of 9, which puts the country in 25th place. Russia has the same figure.

France, meanwhile, ranked 29th, with a score of 8.1.

Australia comes in second on this list, with the average Australian having sex with more than 13 partners in their lifetime.

New Zealand came in third, followed by Iceland and South Africa.

The United States ranked 13th, with an average of 10.7 people.

Thus, the top 10 most promiscuous countries are as follows:

Turkey (14.5)

Australia (13.3)

New Zealand (13.2)

Iceland (13.0)

South Africa (12.5)

Finland (12.4)

Norway (12.1)

Italy (11.8)

Sweden (11.8)

Switzerland (11.1)

There are no data for Armenia and other countries of the South Caucasus.

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