Ex-electrician from Germany becomes Jeff Bezos doppelganger, lives luxurious lifestyle

23:31, April 16

A former electrician from Germany quit his job and became the professional doppelganger of the world's second richest man, Jeff Bezos. Now, like his famous counterpart, he lives the luxurious lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

“I look like his twin brother,” Cagdas Halicilar, 46, told Jam Press of his uncanny resemblance to the Amazon founder, who is worth just over $201 billion.

With his bald head and casual style, Halicilar resembles the Amazon founder so much that he says he is mobbed by selfie fans who mistake him for the real Bezos.

It is reported that Halicilar does not require much effort to get into the role. "Since Jeff Bezos also dresses casually, it doesn't matter whether I wear a suit or whether I wear jeans and a polo shirt," he said. “The only thing I do is shave my head and regularly apply Nivea cream. But I’ve been doing this for over 10 years.”

The Leimen native worked as an electrician for the first half of his life, but decided to leave after getting tired of long days spent on construction sites. Like his mirror muse, Halicilar also dreamed of becoming a successful businessman. He decided to get into logistics and founded the transport company CB Transporte three years ago.

Around then, a friend noticed that he looked a lot like a famous tycoon. “When I became an entrepreneur, my friends and acquaintances told me that I looked like a billionaire,” Halicilar recalled. “I didn’t know what they meant until they showed me a picture of Jeff Bezos—some of my friends joked that he had cloned me.”

Halicilar decided to take advantage of his “billionaire” appearance and signed a contract with an agency for hiring doubles. This has enabled him to land some mind-blowing opportunities, including various appearances on German television and at various events. He even guest-starred in the German Netflix miniseries King Stonks.

In fact, he's so good at his side hustle that he's even fooled Amazon employees into thinking he's their real boss.

“When I was in Seattle with friends, we walked around the Amazon campus,” Halicilar recalled. “All the Amazon employees came up to me to take selfies and thanked me for being proud to work at Amazon.”

The tech titan's lookalike says he has become so famous that his "partner sometimes gets annoyed when people come to me and want to take selfies, but many don't dare talk to me."

The similarities don't end there. “My lifestyle is almost the same as his—I often travel on ships, I even have a butler, and I drink good whiskey, like Jeff. My wish is to drink whiskey with Jeff Bezos on his yacht—he is a yacht fanatic like me.”

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