Most expensive divorce in Australia ends in ‘victory’ for wife who sued cheating husband for $180M, real estate

16:11, April 17

The now-ex-wife was awarded $180 million and part of her ex-husband's significant real estate portfolio after a bitter three-year divorce battle in Australia. The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were married for more than 20 years before splitting several years ago.

The family court was told the husband had provided his then wife with a “lavish life,” but they had been “living separately” since the 1990s. Their relationship began to fall apart in 2007, when the husband began to cheat on his wife.

Judge Peter Campton ruled that the couple should share the huge fortune that the husband had been building before they met. He ordered the husband to pay his ex-wife four installments of $40 million by March 22 and July 26 both this year and next. Also, he must pay her 50 percent of the couple's real estate portfolio ($21.8 million) by March 22, 2026, bringing the total payout to about $181 million.

According to The Daily Telegraph, she will be given ownership of three apartments also, one of which is her main residence abroad and is worth more than $10 million.

Judge Campton ruled that the wife became "financially dependent on her husband" after she quit her job shortly after the start of their relationship.

Her husband's wealth helped her live a luxurious life of "happy idleness," spending most of her time with friends and "enjoying first class international travel."

“She has already reached retirement age, enjoying enormous wealth thanks to the provision her husband has provided her, and can live the rest of her days in the extraordinary luxury that she has long enjoyed through her many properties,” the judge added in the decision.


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