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Guess the color, get a bouquet: One day with Mayis Vardanyan

20:07, April 8

When I want warmth and a smile, I watch blogger Mayis Vardanyan's videos. It doesn't matter what he gives to the passers-by: flowers, sweets or food; my heart is immediately relieved and my lips smile. That's why I was very excited when Mayis agreed to spend the day with me and answer a few questions. Together with his team, we went out to the streets of Yerevan to catch the smiles of women on April 7, the Motherhood and Beauty Day in Armenia. Women participated in his regular game and received a stunning bouquet of roses as a gift. Of course, there were many options, so no one was left without flowers. It was funny, we laughed and joked a lot.

But the most important thing was the faces of the women who smiled only when they saw Mayis, whose sincerity, simplicity, and immediacy can "tear" a smile off the face of even the "iron ladies."

It turned out that doing good is easy and pleasant. Mayis himself, who already has more than 500,000 subscribers on social media platforms, does not intend to stop there and wants to carry out large-scale activities. "I want to help people who are really in need. I want to raffle off an apartment or a car, but in such a way that it goes to someone who really needs it."

Also, Mayis plans to increase his audience by presenting his videos in English and Spanish as well, since his videos are already being watched and his challenges are being responded to from many countries around the world.

Mayis admits that the idea of flowers came from her mother. "We had a 24-hour flower shop on the first floor, and every time I returned home, I bought a bouquet for my mother. And those emotions of joy, tears of joy were moving. It's just incredible. That's how this idea came about. And I noticed that women always react the same way to flowers. Even if you give a woman a box of the most expensive chocolates, she will not react in the same way as one simple rose," says Mayis, who has also become a good psychologist during this time. He quite accurately determines how a person will react.

"Every day, different people have different emotions," he says. Mayis is sure that you can achieve anything if you really want to, and most importantly, be honest. “If you do something sincerely, with all your heart, it cannot fail; this is the key to success."

Mayis is already recognized on the streets of Yerevan. As soon as they saw him, many women smiled and asked to take pictures. "When I started making videos, my message was for people to see more kindness."

May's sincerity and immediacy cannot fail to win hearts, and his passionate desire to make this world a little kinder is admirable, especially in our difficult times, when we all need warmth and “light.” And Mayis proves that this is possible, even for a short time. A fleeting smile from a stranger can lift your mood and give you energy for the whole day. I speak from my own experience.

Be kind and smile!

Sincerely, Tihana.

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