New details revealed about Marilyn Monroe's affair with Kennedy brothers, last day of her life

15:13, April 23

Hollywood's brightest stars of the 1950s, including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, the Kennedy brothers, Lana Turner and Judy Garland, had their skeletons in their closet, People writes.

What really happened the night Marilyn Monroe died? Did she really have an affair with John F. Kennedy? Did Lana Turner kill her abusive mobster boyfriend? Or was it her daughter, Cheryl?

These questions still haunt many. In the eye-opening new The Fixer: Moguls, Mobsters, Movie Stars, and Marilyn, the most shocking stories of police officer and private investigator Fred Otash are revealed through his never-before-seen investigative footage.

How Otash helped find Merlin

During the filming of Bus Stop, E. Maurice "Buddy" Adler came to Otash in a panic, explaining that Marilyn Monroe had not been seen or heard from for 24 hours, including by her husband, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Arthur Miller.

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"Marilyn's erratic behavior on set had already cost Adler too much time and money, and a recent hospitalization during filming in Idaho due to nervous tension caused the film to go over budget," the book reads. "Adler said he would fire her and recast her if he could, but there's no turning back now."

Otash looked through the lists of travel agencies and found a certain “Pearl Baker”—that was the name of Monroe’s mother. The actress was found in her hotel room. She “was lying naked on the bed, frozen in the fetal position, with needles, syringes and other drug paraphernalia scattered around the room. After quickly checking her pulse and determining that she was unconscious, he covered her body with a sheet.”

Monroe was quietly taken to the hospital for "detoxification" and returned to the set a few days later.

In The Fixer, the author also writes about John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law Peter Lawford, whom Otash called "Jack Kennedy's sexy archivist."

At the time, Kennedy used the Lawford family's home in Santa Monica as "a de facto West Coast office, vacation pad, and Hollywood hospitality center."

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Otash's associate, John Danoff, videotaped Kennedy's "sexual encounter" with Marilyn Monroe. They first met at a party in Los Angeles while Kennedy's wife, Jackie, was home in Boston. Their friendship remained platonic until two years later when they began an affair at a party held at Lawford's beach house.

Otash later explained: “My job was to develop a dossier that would show that JFK had serious moral failings. In other words, they wanted audio recordings of a guy fucking someone other than his wife. I could make a list of any other sins I could find, but adultery was enough to knock him out of the race.”

Death of Marilyn

On the night of August 4, 1962, a drunken Lawford entered Otash's house and said, "I think Marilyn is dead."

Otash, who had previously bugged Monroe's house, learned exactly what happened that night. Robert F. Kennedy, who was having an affair with Monroe, asked Lawson to “take her out of the house and into his place and keep her quiet” so as not to embarrass him.

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After numerous phone calls trying to reach Kennedy, Lawford convinced the attorney general to fly from San Francisco and go straight to Monroe's home. “He fucked her around 11 a.m. and then left,” Otash said in the recording.

When he returned the second time, Monroe yelled at Kennedy. “Where were you when I had to have an abortion, you scoundrel bastard!” Marilyn screamed as Lawford and Bobby tried to calm her down.

Despite saying, "Let's have dinner later," Kennedy had no intention of seeing Monroe again. “Peter secretly took him to the place where the helicopter was waiting for him. He would not have been near Los Angeles when news of her death broke,” Otash said. "As far as I'm concerned, Bobby Kennedy could have saved her life."

Monroe called Lawford twice, then JFK once. Finally, Monroe called Lawford again and said, “Because you're a nice guy,” without mentioning Bobby.

After the call, Lawford hurried to Monroe's house. When he realized she was dead, "he started rummaging around, trying to collect anything he could that might point to anyone."

While talking to Otash, Lawford sent Reed Wilson—an undercover CIA operative—to remove everything he found in the house and give it to Lawford. There, Wilson found "a lot" of empty pill bottles.

Although Otash helped investigate the situation as a detective, he was saddened to learn of Monroe's passing. “Otash knew her as a client, friend, confidant and, more recently, as a person of interest. He worked for her, gave her advice, spied on her, and despite all this, admired her."

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