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Actor Charles Aznavour: On chansonnier’s 100th birth anniversary

16:20, May 22

We continue the series of articles about Charles Aznavour on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary.

In addition to his successful career as a singer and composer, Aznavour acted in movies. The artist has 74 film roles, in 65 of which he played himself. We present below the most striking roles of Charles Aznavour in movies.

The Devil and the Ten Commandments (1962)

дь.jpg (71 KB)

A French film of seven humorous short stories dedicated to various temptations that a person faces. This is a reference to the 10 Commandments and how difficult it is for a person to keep them.

Ararat (2002)

ара.jpg (54 KB)

A film studio is shooting a movie about the Armenian Genocide in 1915. But the shooting of this movie has an indelible impression on an 18-year-old boy who works as a driver on the film set, changing his life. In parallel with this, the dramatic story of the family relationships of the art critic Anya develops. Aznavour plays the main role.

Tin Drum (1979)

бараб.jpg (43 KB)

Gdansk, the period of the birth of fascism, a young boy becomes disillusioned with people and desperately does not want to become an adult. Aznavour played a cameo role in the movie.

Shoot the Piano Player (1960)

пиан.jpg (51 KB)

A Francois Truffaut film, which tells the story of a famous pianist. After the tragic loss of his wife, the pianist decides to leave the world of art and gets a job in a bar, where he soon falls in love with a waitress and, also, has an affair with a neighbor who works as a prostitute. The second plot twist is the appearance of the pianist's brother, fleeing from gangsters. Charles Aznavour plays the main part in this movie.

Magic Mountain (1982)

гора.jpg (79 KB)

After studying, a young graduate goes to the Alps to visit his brother. But, captivated by the atmosphere of the mountains, he decides to stay there. Aznavour played a cameo role in the film.

Framers (1959)

кадр.jpg (38 KB)

The year is the distant 1959, Aznavour is 35 years old, handsome, and charismatic. In this movie, he plays Joseph, one of two friends who seduce girls in search of love.

The Hatter's Ghosts (1982)

шляп.jpg (61 KB)

The story of a hatter and a tailor who live opposite each other. This film is a crime thriller. Aznavour plays an immigrant tailor named Kashudas, who pursues his neighbor, the hatter Leon.

Regina Melikyan

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