Bosson: Armenia seems to be a wonderful country with incredibly beautiful women!

11:02, July 21

By Syune Arakelyan

While writing the song “One in a Million,” Swedish singer Staffan Olsson couldn’t even imagine how popular it will become.

This song, which was released in 2000, still continues to remain a worldwide hit, even though 14 years have passed. It is still inseparable part of many beauty contests in all over the world. “One in a Million” also became one of the soundtracks of the famous movie “Miss Congeniality,” starring Sandra Bullock. Subsequently, it was nominated for a Golden Globe for “Best Original Song-Motion Picture.”

To whom is dedicated one of the most popular songs of all times? How Staffan became Bosson? What memories does the singer have from “Tashir 2007” and his tour with Britney Spears? Will he have a concert in Armenia?  

The answers to these questions and a lot more are revealed in our exclusive interview below with Bosson.

- First of all, I would like to know how do you prefer to be called; Staffan or Bosson?

- Staffan actually… but some people, who know me as Bosson call me that way, and it’s fine too!

-Well, Staffan, it is said that your stage name, Bosson, comes from the expression “Bo’s son.” Who has suggested you to take that name?

- I actually saw it in a newspaper in Sweden… it was a race driver that was named Lars Bosson… and I thought it was a really interesting and unusual surname… and I thought… I should be named Bosson, because my father’s name is Bo and I’m his son- Bosson. And my name should not be Olsson, cause my father’s name is not “Olle” (a Swedish name). So it was just some funny thoughts that led to this decision.

-“One in a Million” is considered to be your number one song. What’s your favorite from your songs?

- My favorite one and thee one I’m most proud of, when it comes to songwriting is, probably, “What if I”… But “One in a million” is, of course, special, since it opened all the doors to this magic music world.

-It’s known, that you have dedicated the song to “Miss Sweden 1998,” Jessica Ole´rs. So many years have passed since then. Have you finally found your “one in a million,” or is it still dedicated to Jessica?

- I’m actually still looking for my "One in a million” girl… but a year ago I chose to rename and rededicate the song to one of my closest friends, who is a girl. She has incurable cancer and is fighting the battle of her life right now. She is a painter and at her vernissage, where I was performing I said that from now on I will rename the song “One in a Billion” and dedicate it to her…I think Jessica doesn’t mind it…she had it for so many years anyway.:)

- In 2007, you were a special guest in “Tashir” Armenian Music Awards, which was held in Moscow. Were there any singers who impressed you? Please share your memories.

- I actually remember that Award, because there were photos of everybody, that performed on the poster and at the place, but unfortunately I didn’t get to see anybody on stage. But since I’ve been in Russia many times, I’ve got to know a lot of great Russian artists like Philipp Kirkorov, Dima Bilan, Lolita, Leonid Agutin and others. However, I hope I can come to Armenia one day and meet some of your artists, too. And I think that your contribution to the “Eurovision 2014” was great!

-As for Eurovision, every year Sweden sends strong participants—like ABBA (1974), Loreen (2012), Sanna Nielsen (2014), etc.—to this contest. Have you thought of taking part in that contest yourself?

-Me and my producer talked about participating next year, but I don’t know if we will get something ready in time. However, maybe I can do a duet with somebody from Armenia and represent your country next time:) That would be interesting. In our Swedish competition we’ve had artists from other countries… so you’ll never know, one day maybe it will be possible to do something!:)

-Bosson, you have toured with a lot of stars like Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, etc. Can you remember which the most impressive tour of your life was?

- Really difficult question, so many things…But the tour with Britney was fun…we did 24 dates together in the USA. I was the opening act on her tour. We had two different tour buses, but we usually went at the same time… her bus was really cool inside, but mine wasn’t bad either!:) Yes it was an amazing tour on big arenas…. Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, etc.  All the big cities….And we did a fun video clip together and danced limbo the last day. She was a really sweet and humble girl. Although I really liked a tour I did in Russia as well…the audience was fantastic and we went by train, plane and bus. Good times! I love to be on tour!

-You have also worked with Russian singers Lolita and Katya Lel. Please speak about these collaborations.

- It was fun to do the duets! (“Небо в глазах”, “Тобой живу”)  Katya was very nice and had a lot of energy. She invited us to her home and she and her mother cooked a lot of delicious food. We also made a video together and did different TV-shows and had a great time together. And Lolita, yes, what can I say… I love her, she is an amazing person…. and I loved to work with her. She has such a big heart and great sense of humor! We both have lots of distance to ourselves and don’t take ourselves so serious. So, every time we were on stage, we did some fun stuff…. You never know what was going to happen, she had always some surprise. I met her again half a year ago in Ukraine, where we were guest artists in “X-Factor” and we were both happy to see each other again. She is so nice.

-Both duets are also in Russian. Was it easy for you to sing in that language?

-I worked with my Russian language in the studio. With a little help from different people we managed to get the words right, or as close as I could get them. It’s a lot of fun to actually be able to sing one half of two songs in Russian. Before you start and when you try to learn the lyrics, it feels impossible, but everything is possible and both of the songs worked better, than I could imagine!

-You had a number of concerts in Russia and Belarus. What about Armenia? Do you plan on visiting our country, too?

- I would love to come to Armenia. I know that you have heard some of my songs there, too and during the years I’ve been in touch with some fans from Armenia.…seems to be a wonderful country with friendly people…and incredibly beautiful women!:) We Scandinavian boys like exotic women with dark hair and brown eyes, so it would be paradise for us to come down and have concerts in Armenia. We are ready to come and perform whenever there is a good time… Just send an e-mail to my Russian management:)

-And what are you working on right now?

-Right now we are working on a new song, which will also have a video. There is a company that is interested to go back and release a new single in the States… I have a history there with “One in a Million”, the Golden Globe, the Britney tour etc.. so they want to work with me. My sister and some other friends live in L.A. and I’ve been there a lot, so I might go over there for some time soon again to make a little comeback, we’ll see!

- Do you have anything to say to your Armenian fans and our readers?

-Thank you so much to my Armenian fans for supporting me and my songs during the years…Big love! And to all the readers…if I don’t see you before: Have a great summer, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful Women’s’ day!:) If you want, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Lots of love from me and I hope to see you soon!

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