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Haiti musicians and France breakdancers perform in Yerevan (PHOTOS)

12:15, October 10

YEREVAN. – Good-quality sounds were heard in the streets of Yerevan. And this was thanks to La Francophonie, which brought the Bic music band from Haiti and the Pokemon Crew breakdancers from France to the capital city of Armenia.

Bic made us happy with a mix of tropical rhythms, a bit of reggae, and rock-mixed rap. The Pokemon Crew, on the other hand, made those assembled in the rain dance.

The frontman of the music band from Haiti told STYLE that he is happy to visit Armenia.
“We brought the tropical heat with us,” he added. “I hope we made you warm because music is a global, universal language, through which we communicate.”

The b-boys from the Pokemon Crew, for their part, informed that they are in Armenia for the second time, and they like the country very much.

“The people here are friendly, kind and hospitable,” said one of the b-boys. “Everything is excellent.”
And our interview with them continued as follows:

What is the message of your art?

We dance, and through dance we show others that much can be achieved in life. What’s important is never to give up and go forward.

Hip hop and breakdance conquer the hearts of the youth of Armenia. Can this music and dance become a basis for intercultural relations?

Yes, of course. Music and dance allow us to speak the same language.

What is your message to the Armenian youth?

Peace, only peace, and as many smiles as possible.

Photos - Arsen Sargsyan

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