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Director Aren Bayadyan on Low Deep T’s new music video shot in Armenia (PHOTOS)

15:31, December 19

By Diana Hovhannisyan

YEREVAN. – The music video for renowned recording artist Low Deep T’s song entitled “Home 2 U” was posted on the Internet on Friday.

The video quickly went viral, since it was shot in Armenia, and by Armenian director Aren Bayadyan.
Armenian STYLE caught up with Bayadyan, and below is an abridged version of our interview with the talented director.

How did the collaboration [with Low Deep T] come about?

It was two years ago when I was in the US. Low Deep T wrote to me on Facebook saying that he liked my work a lot and wanted to collaborate. (…) He noted that he wanted to come to Armenia so that I shoot his new video clip. In his words, our collaboration would also enable [him] to see Armenia.

Why was [Armenia’s Lake] Sevan chosen [as the location for this video]?

According to the script, the activities of the video clip were to take place in a lakeside cabin.

The heroine of the video clip is famous [Armenian] model and actress Anna Grigoryan. How was she chosen?

Since the video clip was being shot at Sevan, we decided to choose an Armenian heroine to yet again stress the fact that the video clip was shot in Armenia. There also are other details in the clip that evoke Armenia.

And how did Low Deep T assess the work of the Armenian director and his film crew?

I think, [in a] very good [way].

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