Low Deep T։ I look forward to seeing you all for a concert in Spring of 2016 in Armenia

21:15, December 23

By Diana Hovhannisyan

YEREVAN. - The music video of renowned artist Low Deep T “Home 2 U” was posted on the Internet on Friday [December 18]. The video quickly went viral during the last five days, since it was shot in Armenia, and by Armenian director Aren Bayadyan. Taking into consideration comments, questions and massages of our readers, who really like both song and video and they demand much more information about the famous artist and his new music video, STYLE decided to make an interview with renowned musician and to find out some details about his first steps and activities in music industry, visit to Armenia, about ''Home 2 U'' and of course, his new album. With the help of Ani Mkrtchian – Low Deep T’s Armenian PR manager, we were able to speak to him and know exclusive, important and interesting facts about famous artist.

Mr. Low Deep T, you are a very renowned singer in the world. Can you please, tell us about your first steps in the music industry? Do you have success slogan?

The only slogan I have for success is hard work. I originally started my career as a lawyer but I soon discovered that I had a talent for songwriting so I eventually decided to give up the legal practice and devote all my energy into forging a career in the music industry. I started initially as a songwriter/producer and thereafter started the label Cut&Play Records in the UK and quickly established as one of the best songwriters on the UK garage scene. I only started singing 4 years ago and since then the success has been quite astonishing largely because of my consistency in songwriting and the unique sound of my voice.

How many years you are actively involved in music? What are you currently busy with? Can we expect any new music videos, cooperation, duets in the nearest future?

I have been involved in music since my University days which is quite a long time now. I am currently busy in the studio trying to complete my third studio album “Mind Body n Soul”. This Album marks a new approach from me. I have for the first time, introduced Ballads and mid-tempo songs along with my usual uptempo songs. I am looking forward to seeing how it is received. There will a lot of new songs. we have already shot 3 music video for the Album. There is currently no duets yet.

In the frameworks of your new music video ''Home 2 U'' you have visited Armenia. How did you know about Armenia? Did you like the country? 

I have known about Armenia for quite a while as i am a bit of News and political junkie. I like to know what is happening globally. I love Yerevan. I was lucky I knew a local fan who took me around the city and showed me the important sites.

How did you get acquainted with Mr. Aren Bayadyan?

I discovered Aren through watching one of his Music videos and i thought to myself immediately that this guy is a very talented Director and I would love to work with him. I was able to make contact through a local fan. I don’t think Aren actaully believed it was going to happen until the deal was made.

With whom have you visited Armenia? How long have you stayed here? Where have you been in Armenia?

Sadly I visited alone because we couldn’t quite secure a Visa for my assistant which was a bit frustrating. I think I stayed for under one week but it was a pleasant experience and I would love to come back again.

Have you tried any Armenian food? Your opinion about our cuisine.

Yes I dined in your restaurant and the food was delicious and I enjoyed your Nana Tea quite a lot .

As I know, ''Casablanca'' is the most famous song of you. Will ''Home 2 U'' have the same success?

I am not sure. The only thing we can do as artists is to make every song with sincerity and honesty and the fans will decide how successful it will be. In any case “Home 2 u” is part of a number of songs forthcoming in the new album so there are a lot of goodies coming soon.

When do you plan to release your new album «Mind Body n Soul»?

The plan is to release the album in March 2016.

In a few days the whole world is going to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Where do you usually spend your holidays? What will you wish to your Armenian fans?

Well Xmas is usually a time to spend with loved ones and family so that is why the song “Home 2 U” is appropriate for this period. People love to go home. For me I would be in the studio in London and hope to have a better one next year. To all of my Armenian fans I say “Es kes Sirumem” and I look forward to seeing you all for a concert sometime in Spring of 2016 by the Grace of God!


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