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NEWS.am STYLE Exclusive: Bravo to Armenia and All The Armenians. Hollywood star Marco Khan sends his New Year message to Armenians

12:26, January 2

Hollywood famous Armenian actor Marco Khan has spent this New Year with his family: son and mother. In his new interview with NEWS.am STYLE the actor sends his warm wish to all the Armenians and expresses his sadness for not being in Armenia in these days.

«I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wishing you ALL a Happier, Healthy and prosperous 2016. My heart is sad that once again I have not fulfilled my wish of coming to my homeland! I am sad also for the families of the young brothers and sisters serving and protecting our borders and streets who have been killed in the line of action against a barbaric and unsophisticated moron/ruler and his supporters! I pray for our martyrs souls, may the Good Lord illuminate their pure soul and give rest and tranquility to their families! Our brave soldiers are our flesh and we are their spine, the Armenian's of the diaspora are with you always! I ask the leaders of our country to NEVER forget that their first thought should always be for bettering life of Armenia and the Armenian population! I have always believed and still do that we Armenians are better people towards each other! And you showed that to the WORLD during the electricity demonstrations! BRAVO!!

To our leaders-I know politics is a dirty job, but please instead of thinking of financial gain for yourselves and a few friends, think of ALL the Armenians who look up to you for leadership and example! I'm NOT a perfect father or a man, but I live my life with honesty, love for my son, family and fellow friends! I have had a difficult life, but have managed to rise up each time!»,-says the Armenian star of Hollywood.

Marco is thankful to all the Armenians who in spite of all the difficulties still continue to live in Armenia.

«Even though it's been a challenging year for us we still have a lot to be thankful! We are one of the very few nationalities on Earth to have our land, our language, our culture and... after thousands of years of fighting we are STILL here! Let us this year celebrate each other, being Armenian. I get sad when I hear something sad or bad has happened there and I'm not there to help. This year was a great year for our Genocide cause, specially after Pope, Kardashians ( despite some people's distaste their coming to Armenia brought world wide attention to our land and also our Genocide ) then there was Conan! What a wonderful man and boss! Our fight is still not over, but we can do a MUCH better job united! “Gettcen Im Hayreniks yev Im Hayrenagutcnere”. I LOVE you all. Good Lord please Bless Armenia and the Armenians».

Syune Arakelyan

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