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12:08, September 7

American TV host and producer Sona Oganesyan is rather known also to Armenian TV viewers. The beautiful TV host has worked for networks such as The Travel Channel and FOX Television on entertainment TV shows, and for Digital platforms. Armenian music lovers also know Sona, as their favorite musician/actor Misho's wife. STYLE always represents Sona's professional  achievements to its readers. This time we had an interesting talk with her about career working with Larry King, meeting with Misho and a lot more.

-Sona, your TV shows are not transmitted in Armenia. Is it possible that one day they will be shown in our country as well?

-Actually, I recently did a piece for where I interviewed the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Richard M. Mills, Jr. – we covered everything from his fascinating career to the current state of politics in Armenia to Armenian cuisine. I knew it would be an interesting interview, but his great sense of humor made it especially fun. One of my own TV shows that I’m working on right now in the U.S. is also a project where I could be merging my two worlds, the Armenian and American sides, so that could potentially be shown here in the future as well... 

-Recently you started working with Larry King. Will you please go in detail and tell us about it?

-I had actually just returned to Los Angeles from a lengthy stay in Yerevan at the time and was preparing to work on a completely different project, but when I learned I could be working with Larry King, I dropped all other plans immediately. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to go into detail about the project just yet, but I will say it’s truly been an honor to work with him, and of course, anytime we’ve had down time in between shoots or events, I’m always taking advantage of the opportunity to ask him a million questions because there’s just so much to learn from him. He’s been a real inspiration to me. Before I admired him as a professional, but now even more as a person. 

-For the various TV shows you have worked with different famous personalities. Is it easy to work with them? 

-For the most part, everyone is really pleasant in our field of work. It’s interesting to note though that successful people are usually down to earth because they are usually confident and secure; therefore, the true legends I've been lucky enough to work with such as Larry King and Ringo Starr have been the kindest, most professional and personable of them all. 

-In Armenia you are known not only as a TV host and Producer, but also as one of our most popular musician/actor’s wife. Interesting how did you get to know each other? 

-A mutual family friend of ours brought him over to our house when he was visiting Los Angeles, and the instant we met, everything changed….

-What's your favorite quality in Misho?

-It’s very difficult for me to name a favorite quality because he really is an extraordinary human being, but I suppose the biggest driving force behind all of his amazing qualities is that he truly has a heart of gold: it’s why he is so generous, kind, loving, supportive, loyal, and the list goes on and on, and on….. 

-I suppose your working routine is very strict. Do you have time for family? How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

-Family always comes first for me so as strict as my work schedule can be, I always manage to create a balance. The good thing about my work is I can have an intensely busy few months and then I’m able to take time off in between projects. I think it’s no secret by now that my favorite way to spend my spare time is by traveling.

Syune Arakelyan 

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