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February 17, 11:08

Just a couple of days ago everyone was talking about “Grammy-2017” music awards, during which the most talented and beautiful Beyonce shocked everyone with her incredible show.

The one important thing that we would like to mention once more, is that the singer’s dancers were wearing golden jewelries-rings and Halos created by American-Armenian designer Marianna Harutunian. STYLE could not miss the opportunity of talking with the talented Armenian jewelry designer. In our interview Marianna speaks about her celebrity collaboration and the long road she passed before reaching the place, where she is now…

-Marianna, you’re now one of the most famous celebrity jewelry designers in the world…I wonder, how you started your career?

-I started making jewelry when I was just 5 years old. My mom always wore these slippers around the house that had beads on them. So when it was time for her to toss them away I would take off the beads make necklaces, bracelets, rings and give them away to friends.  I began my company after high school. 

-Who was the celebrity you have worked with for the first time? Do you remember what were your emotions?

-The first celebrity was PINK. I was so excited I couldn't believe it was happening. I made her a full body piece for her “U+ur hand” music video. I had a chance to go to her house for fittings and on set when they filmed the music video.  

-You create so many beautiful peaces… Do you have your own favorites among your works?

-My favorite piece is the mask I created for Madonna's “Living for love” music video. 

The larger pieces are the ones that mainly are my favorite.

-Some days ago we already saw your beautiful collaboration with Beyonce during “Grammy-2017”. If I’m not mistaken there should have been also another one with Lady Gaga…

-Yes I was making crystallized horns for lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance. It was on the dancers costumes. 

And for Beyoncé I made golden halos and rings for her dancers at her 2017 Grammy performance. 

-Marianna, famous people usually have high requirements. Is it easy to please a celebrity?

-Most of the time yes. But I do get the occasional ones that can't make up their minds, so I have to make multiple samples for them to choose from. 

- Who are you more frequent celebrity clients?

-That would be fashion designer Bob Mackie. When he was designing for Cher he would use my pieces and incorporate them on her costumes for her concerts and events.

-What about Armenian celebrities? Have you ever collaborated with any of them?

-Yes I've done jewelry for singer/songwriter Maria Cozette and Lilit Hovhannisyan. A few more, but I can't mention :)

-Could you please reveal what are the jewelry trends for 2017?

-Trending now, would be lots of golds and hand jewelry. Stackable rings and chokers. 

Syune Arakelyan STYLE

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