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Already a year together. Singer KeyOh on her wedding anniversary

13:05, September 5

On September 3, Armenian-Belgium singer KeyOh was celebrating the first anniversary of her marriage. STYLE has had an interesting talk with the singer of how she has spent her day and what surprises did get from her husband.

«Time really flies... it was like yesterday. After marrying Jason my life is more filled with love and my heart is in a truly happy place. What changed is that we moved to Berlin "the big city" and that was the best decision for both of our carriers and life's»,-says KeyOh adding.

«Jason is everything I have ever dreamed for a man to be. He is more than my expectation. I'm guessing in my previous time I have served God good and that's why I dissevered him because in this life I hope to still have enough time to do lots of good deeds».

The singer also told us how they have spent the special day together.

«We had a lovely weekend together. I'm happy it was on Sunday, so we could fully enjoy each other's company. He had breakfast in bed with self made strawberry smoothie and my favorite blueberry muffins this morning. I had a flower-wall for my dressing room and he was extra loving. Last part is always my favorite».,-says KeyOh, who is fully enjoying her happy present with her loving husband.

«Happiness is a decision, if you have the right person next to you and your focused on who and what you have, than you can be completely happy. Every person has different needs so I can't talk for everyone. All I can say is that we are happy and hoping that the best is yet to come. We absolutely love to share our love for each other with the world, only to inspire people and give hope that love truly exists. I always say "you get what you wish for if your wish is what your soul wants". We both are wishing everyone lots of love and happiness cause that's how this world started at the first place».

Syune Arakelyan

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