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Exclusive. Armenian fashion photographer speaks on working with famous models and magazines

13:05, January 30

It's always a pleasure to meet Armenians, who have reached success in different countries maintaining their Armenian origins and family names. NEWS.am STYLE continues to represent Armenians, who're well known and successful outside Armenian borders.

This time we represent you our interesting interview with fashion photographer Levon Muradian, who's now working with Playboy magazine, Sports Illustrated, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records.

Levon, please, speak about your origins. How long do you live in USA?

I was born in Los Angeles. My parents met in Los Angeles. They are both born in Yerevan. They moved here in the late 70’s.                                            

Since when you got your interest towsrds photography?

When I was younger together with my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins we would all travel to Europe every summer. My uncle had these film cameras, I remember them being specifically Nikon and I found them to be very interesting. And I would see nude women on the beaches just walking around freely with nothing to be ashamed about. And I guess that remind with me from an early age.

I've noticed, that you're mostly photographing different models, showing the beauty of their bodies… Why did you decide that topic for your pictures?

I started as a cinematographer shooting music videos for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne… And one day a model on set asked me to take pictures of her. That was about 5 years ago. I liked it. I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman other than the ocean. Most photographers shoot what they love and I love women. There’s so much she can say with her eyes and expression. She can be mysterious one moment, very sexual the next in a matter of a second. And that intrigues me.

What else do you like to photograph?

Beaches, Vintage looking houses with pool sides. My next goal is to travel through Europe shooting models in Greece, Italy and hopefully Armenian as well.

Levon, I want to congratulate you, because exploring your page Iv'e noticed that you have published your book of photos. Speak about that book, please

The book is three years of my personal work. All shot on film. My style is a Vintage California free spirited vibe. So people who follow me on Instagram always ask me for prints of photos. So it was a goal of mine to release a book of my work. For the people who appreciate fashion photography and the vintage aesthetic and my work. My goal is to show off the models I shoot. It can be occasionally revealing. But it’s not about shooting the model nude. It’s what their personality is and what they are about.

What do you consider to be the greatest achievement in your career?

The greatest achievement is just being able to be a fashion photographer as my job is the most rewarding thing I’ve done. I haven’t achieved all the goals I’ve set for myself yet, but one of them was shooting for Playboy Magazine and I’ve already reached that goal.

Speak about the models in yor pictures. Are they mostly famous models?

Most of the women in my pictures are well known models- from Samantha Hoops, Simone Holtznagel, Hannah Kirkelie and so many more. And a lot of them aren’t famous. And most of them are better models than well known models. But they are all from the best modeling agencies in Los Angeles.

Is there any celebrity or a model you dream to photograph in the future?

There is a whole lot of models I would love to shoot still. I think it will happen very soon. But ideally Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid…

Do you follow Armenian photpgraphers?

Honestly most Armenian photographers are shooting weddings or something like that. There aren't too many Armenian photographers who shoot fashion.

Which famous photographer inspires you?

They are so many photographers who I respect immensely. But for me Hans Fuerer, Slim Aaron’s, Helmut Newton ,Peter beard, Gilles Bensimmon, Henrik Purriene inspire my very much.

Levon, when have you been to Armenia for the last time? When do you plan to visit?

I have never been to Armenia. But I’m planning on being their hopefully this summer.

 Syune Arakelyan


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