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15:05, June 24

Educational program Nvak, which was founded in Armenia by Armenian-American singer Tamar Kaprelian, has signed a contract with famous labels ADA and Warner Chappell Publishing.

“I am very excited about this partnership with ADA and Warner Music. I feel fortunate that in the last few years I’ve been able to gather a group of people within the music industry that I call mentors and advisors. Craig Kallman, who is a close friend and the Chairman of Atlantic Records, has been a Nvak supporter since the beginning. He helped bring me into the Warner building and helped me tell my story and Nvak’s story”, in the conversation with STYLE said Tamar.

“My goal with Nvak, since the very beginning, has been to help find, develop, mentor and launch the careers of young musicians (especially women and girls) living in countries that have little to no infrastructure. We want to help musicians develop their unique voices and help them amplify what they have to say beyond the places that they live”, she added.

Tamar confessed she is constantly impressed with the natural abilities of Armenian young composers. “We have found so many incredible female songwriters in Armenia! It is always so impressive to see how quickly musicians in Armenia learn and pick up the lessons that we’re giving them”. This year Nvak will have another collaboration with famous musician Sebu Simonian.

“Sebu Simonian and I are working on a track together. It will be a part of the Nvak Komitas Folk Song project that we’ve been working on over the last year. We have taken 5 Armenian folk songs and have created modern interpretations of them. 4 of our Nvak singers will be featured and Sebu and I will be doing a duet on one song”.

The singer will soon come to Armenia with new projects for Nvak.

“Nvak begins in Armenia July 8. So I will be in Armenia for a month. Very excited to be back. This year, we are bringing incredible people from the United States. Dua Lipa’s producer Larzz will be producing our Nvak songs this summer. We have also invited The Kinetics who wrote BoB’s Airplanes. We have Max Hershenow of MsMr. And Ceci Gomez who is an up and coming female producer and Charlie XCX’s musical director”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos by STYLE and Nvak’s Facebook page

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