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14:04, September 18

World known Armenian singer Sebu Simonian will return to Armenia with concerts-this time with his famous band Capital Cities. The band will have two concerts here-on September 21 they will play in Gyumri and on 23 in Yerevan.

In his interview with STYLE Sebu says. “I am actually very nervous. I love my people and I want to impress them.”

The band is invited to play the Armenian Independence Day celebrations in Gyumri.

“The Gyumri events are officially organized by the government. I applaud them for deciding to do it there. The goal is to stimulate the economy in the town and promote tourism.”

Not only Sebu, but also the whole band is very excited for their upcoming concerts in Armenia.

“I have been telling the band members and crew about my beautiful homeland for many years. I can’t wait to show off Yerevan, Gyumri, our culture, food, art, nightlife, people”, says the musician, who has already had solo concerts in his homeland.

“When I perform as a solo artist, it’s easy. I’m usually alone on a piano and microphone, and the performance is very intimate. With Capital Cities, it’s very different. There are seven musicians on stage: drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, keyboard, vibraphone, etc. The concert is loud and high energy, with plenty of lights and dancing”.

The concerts in Gyumri and Yerevan will not differ from each other by their program, but the experiences for audience will be different.

“The venues are very different, so they will be different experiences for the audience. In Gyumri, it’s a huge free outdoor festival. In Yerevan, it will be indoors, with a smaller audience. By the way, Artyom Manukyan will be joining us on stage for a couple of songs.

We are going to play a long set with many songs from both our albums, as well a number of covers including a Pink Floyd song and a Komitas song”.

The Armenian visits of the artist are usually accompanied with master classes for young musicians, as for this time, Sebu says.

“I’m hoping to visit the TUMO center in Artsakh mid-October. There are no plans for a workshop yet, but it’s a possibility”.

Every time when Sebu visits Armenia he stays here for long periods of time. “I already consider this land my spiritual home. It is only a matter of time until I can call it my physical home”, he says.

Syune Arakelyan

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