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“All my worst memories, which I will never forget, is when I lost people I loved”: Athena Manoukian reveals 20 facts about herself

16:04, January 15

Our 20 Facts is coming back and the first celebrity of our 2021 column is Greek-Armenian singer Athena Manoukian. What the fans know about her is that she is known not only in Armenia and Greek, but also in many other European countries, she has participated in different international TV shows, and has become the winner of Armenian Depi Evraresil 2020. STYLE has asked Athena to reveal more about her life, family and hobbies.

Athena, what’s the first thing you do after waking up?

Taking a huge hug of my little dog ''Baloo'', wash my teeth and face and then check my phone!

What’s your favorite dish?

I could never say only one dish! So let's start : Spas soup with lavash, khinkali, mousakas and whatever has to do with broccoli!

Who are your family members?

My dad Aram Manoukian, my mum Betty, my brother Vangelis (Vag) and my 2 beautiful dogs Baloo and Thor.

What’s your favorite season of the year? Why?

I will say spring as it's the only season which has the perfect balance of all seasons. Not too hot, not too cold and you can see flowers everywhere! Plus it's the season I was born haha!

Do you have phobias?

I have spider phobia exactly like Ron from Harry Potter!
Your height and weight.

Height 1.65 and weight 57 kilos.

You inspire a lot of girls. Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations are small things in life that happen every day, reminding me how blessed I am. One of my biggest inspirations is also my fans. They give me strength to move forward and I love them so much.

What’s your favorite film?

Harry Potter. Who wants to watch it with me?

What’s your favorite book?

Harry Potter!

What’s the best thing about Eurovision for you?

Eurovision is a very respectful organization that brings people and music together.

It gives the possibility to all the people from Europe to connect and share their music and culture. So this is the best thing.

What was your favorite entry from Armenia in Eurovision?

Yes im hay hoghits eka berem
Hove sareri, luyse arevi

You wanna be with me,
You think and dream of me
Come qele, move qele.

What’s your favorite word in Armenian?

Shat shnorhakalut’yun!

What color describes you the best?


Can you write down 3 of your best and 3 of your worst characteristics according to you?

My 3 best ones : Positive, Giving, Always here for my loving ones.

My 3 worst ones : Stubborn, Always hungry, Perfectionist but VERY perfectionist.

What was the worst day of your life you would like to forget? 

There is no worse day than the day you lose your loving ones.
So all my worst memories which I will never forget is when I lost people I loved. My grandpa and 2 friends. But I will always be praying for them and I'm sure they take care of us.

What are the main features you appreciate in boys?

Eyes (eye contact) most important, smile, humor, way they walk, talk and dress.

Who is the closest person you share your secrets with?

I don't share my secrets.

What’s the question you don’t like to be asked about?

My personal life.

What was your dream that came true?

Everything I have achieved till now.

What are your personal dreams for now?

I would like to make a big discography of songs and albums that represent who I am and be remembered as a true artist that came from zero to where she is now. By the way, today is the release of my new single "You Should Know"- a song that I wrote and the music video will be out on 22th of January!

Syune Arakelyan

Photod from Athena Manoukian’s Facebook

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