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Orkian on Serbian President's congratulations to Aliyev

19:59, October 4

British-Armenian showman Kev Orkian, who is actively commenting these days on the situation on Armenia's borders and parallel events, referred to the Serbian president's congratulatory message to Aliyev.

Not only have hundreds of Armenians been massacred, soldiers mutilated and videotaped for entertainment purposes in the last three weeks, but the Serbian president congratulated President Aliyev of Azerbaijan and noted how popular he is in Europe. Now who is crazy? When Hitler became famous in Europe for talking about the need for genocide and the killing of so many Jews and the extermination of the Armenians? And now Aliyev is doing what Hitler did during World War II, said Orkian.

Why do people congratulate Aliyev, seemingly misshapen, for committing genocide and murder? He is congratulated by the President of Serbia. Frankly, the world has gone crazy. Enough is enough, Orkian says in the video. The other day, the showman spoke about a video circulated through Azerbaijani telegram channels showing Azerbaijani soldiers executing captured Armenian soldiers. This is genocide, a massacre that happens every day, and no government takes proper action against the government and soldiers of Azerbaijan. It looks like a horror movie, because Armenians see their beloved heroes being killed, and Azerbaijanis film it for entertainment purposes, Orkian said.

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