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Indian actor Ravie Dubey to shoot movie in Yerevan

14:05, August 30

By Syune Arakelyan  

Renowned Indian actor and producer Ravie Dubey, who has over 3 million followers on Instagram, has recently been in Yerevan. Together with his team, Ravie plans to shoot an Indian project in the Armenian capital, which will feature its historical and cultural heritage. STYLE met with the actor to get more details on his upcoming project.   

The movie on which the actor is working is called Farradday and is inspired by famous English scientist Michael Faraday. Dubey is not only leading the actors' cast, but is also producing the movie, along with his wife Sargun Mehta. The director of the film is Ankur Pajni.

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Публикация от Ravie Dubey (@ravidubey2312)

  "We felt that the character really energizes the cultural heritage and the history of Armenia. I've been reading a lot about it, and I particularly love the greys and the blacks in the architecture, the red stone that you have. It's beautiful. We can't wait to actually bring our shot here. This visit is to decide what locations we are shooting at," says Dubey. "Major part of our unit is going to be from Armenia, so the team is going to be from Armenia. We have a friend here, Aza, and she has been literally very helpful and I can't thank her enough."  

Farradday is a metaphorical film, but there's a whole lot of subjects as well, says the actor. "You have beautiful churches, we saw the beautiful statue of Mother of Armenia. I'm absolutely certain about one thing: by the help and support that's coming from Armenia, it will look very good as the city is."   

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Публикация от Ravie Dubey (@ravidubey2312)

According to Dubey, film shootings will be held in India, too, but the majority of the scenes will be concentrated in Yerevan. "Our intention now is to cover Yerevan completely. But we didn't just intend to show Yerevan as a beautiful and esthetic location; there is so much culture and heritage, so much history in this city and Armenia on the whole. And there will be a lot of it in the storytelling as well."  

The actor plans to visit Yerevan 15 days later. As for the shootings, they will take place by the end of the year.   

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Публикация от Ravie Dubey (@ravidubey2312)

Speaking about his impressions of Armenia, Dubey adds: "People of Armenia are exceptionally warm and supportive. Even though I'm here for a few days, it seems like I have a very personal relationship with all my friends who I met in Armenia.  One major similarity that I've found between Armenians and Indians is that they have a tightly bonded unit with their families, they like to spend time with them. I also particularly like the fact that the languages also sound similar. I don't know Armenian, but when I'm listening to the talk of other people, I see similarities. Also, the fact that many Indians feel home here, speaks about the deep connection between these two nations."

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