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Kev Orkian condemns silence amidst Armenian tragedy: The blood of innocent Armenians stains all who remain silent

10:06, September 23

Renowned British-Armenian showman Kev Orkian has presented compelling evidence to his followers, reaffirming that Artsakh has, is, and will always be Armenian territory.

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In his Instagram video, Orkian questions Azerbaijan's claims that Artsakh is their historical land. If that were true, why were Christian temples built there thousands of years ago, on the very land where innocent Armenians are now being killed, or why would Muslim Azerbaijanis construct Christian temples, he asked.

He continues to emphasize the facts: Christian temples in Artsakh stand as evidence of its historical Armenian roots, with Armenia adopting Christianity as the state religion in 301 AD. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan, a Muslim-majority state, does not build Christian temples. Armenia boasts a history spanning millennia, in stark contrast to Azerbaijan. Tragically, Azerbaijani soldiers continue to harm and destroy innocent Armenians, despite a ceasefire in place.

Orkian declares the Armenian Genocide of 2023 as a crime against humanity, and he decries the silence of world leaders as complicity in this atrocity. He boldly asserts that the blood of innocent Armenians doesn't solely stain the hands of Azerbaijani soldiers but also those who choose to remain silent. He criticizes the media for downplaying Armenian deaths and disregarding Azerbaijan's crimes.

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