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Billie Eilish says her Bad Guy hit is 'the stupidest' song in the world

14:31, October 13

American singer Billie Eilish called her Bad Guy hit "the stupidest song in the world". The singer spoke about this during Jimmy Kimmel's live show.

The host wondered if Billy and his producer brother, Finneas, were critical of their old songs when they looked back on them.

"Objectively Bad Guy is like the stupidest song in the world,' said the singer, adding, "But it's really good. You have to have like humor in it. that song is like supposed to be goofy, but like it's just funny cause, I like it's dumb." 

The singer stated that, in general, she does not understand those artists who say that they do not like their own music, or assure that they do not listen to them. "Why are you doing this then? I love my music, it definitely just changes and morphs and with me it becomes whatever."

Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

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