Wine Story: Wine selection for winter: the warmth in the glass, the cold outside the window

19:23, January 14

Winter brings its own special rules to wine selection. Warm and robust aromas, rich flavors and warming spice notes are just what you need on a cold winter evening. You can choose between tart reds, refreshing whites and light pinks based on your personal tastes and preferences. STYLE has compiled a selection of such wines for the winter season specially for you.

Old Bridge Reserve Red 

олд.jpg (59 KB)

Elegant and harmonious wine from the Black Areni variety grown in the valley near the Arpa River, aged in Armenian oak barrels for 24 months. It will not only keep you warm in winter, but will also add a fabulous charm to your evening. It has a deep ruby color with a cherry tint. The aroma is quite bright, with a bouquet of red berries, bush flowers and jam. The bite is dominated by notes of black berries, nuances of leather and milk chocolate and cinnamon. One sip expresses its full-bodiedness, velvety tannins and moderate acidity, nicely enveloping the cavity and warming the body. Creates a perfect combination with spicy dishes and traditional Armenian cuisine.

Average price in the store - AMD 12,000

Tushpa Haghtanak Red Dry

тушпа-1.jpg (41 KB)

This wine will not want to part with it in winter: produced from the autochthonous Armenian variety Haghtanak, it has the color of ripe, juicy pomegranate, the aroma of ripe cherry and currant, which emphasize light and delicate earthy notes. On the palate the wine is very full-bodied, the tannins knit the tongue, the berries, spices, olives and wood intertwine to create a specific and vibrant range of flavors. Try it with hearty dishes and barbecue.

Average price in the store - AMD 5500

Feudi Di San Gregorio Fiano di Avellino 

фиано.jpg (286 KB)

The wine bears the name of the grape variety from which it is made - Fiano, which grows in the region of Irpinia, which is considered the birthplace of the great wines of the south of Italy. The wine is pale lemon in color with green highlights, with refined and fresh aromas of apricot, peach, passion fruit and freshly cut grass. Its flavor is rounded, with predominant citrus notes and subtle vanilla nuances. Goes well with chicken and turkey dishes, as well as grilled vegetables. 

Average price in the store - AMD 6200

Malahi White Dry

малахи-1.jpg (43 KB)

A light wine made of Vosqueat, Areni and Aligote varieties, at first glance unobtrusive and not very intense, but if you give it a breath of oxygen, it will show you its nobility and brightness in all its glory. The aroma is dominated by notes of sweet ripe melon, apricot and flowers. In the mouth it opens with a pleasant minimalism, making your receptors literally tingle with fresh acidity, which after a few seconds dissolves into a dry, nutty aftertaste. It will be the perfect pairing for fish dishes and seafood.

Average price in the store - AMD 4900

Gancia Asti Dolce Sweet Sparkling 

гарсиа.jpg (105 KB)

Drinking sweet sparkling wine in winter is a special bliss, it goes well with many winter dishes and its sweet taste can balance the heavier and more intense flavors of winter cuisine. A honey and sage flavored Italian Asti from the Moscato Bianco variety is perfect. Its flavor is moderately sweet, fruity, in the mouth for a moment you can feel the airiness of whipped cream from foaming bubbles.

Average price in the store - AMD 5300

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