Abu Dhabi plans to create paradise for gamers: World's first eSports island

17:02, March 28

Abu Dhabi is following in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and plans to create the world's first eSports island, covering an area of 500,000 square meters, which will become a gaming paradise for gamers from around the world. Esports lounge chain True Gamers will turn ambition into a vibrant reality for the UAE with a $280 million project located on the periphery of Abu Dhabi's Al Seef district. Whichever country is the first to implement a multi-million dollar project will be the first in the world.

The True Gamers esports club in Abu Dhabi will be equipped with a professional gaming training facility, a technological platform for TG Arena tournaments, and a luxury hotel. According to Wired, more than 60 percent of the population in the Middle East are gamers, resulting in one of the highest download rates for mobile gaming apps.

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The Abu Dhabi eSports Island will cater to tech-savvy youth in a comprehensive manner. Another interesting element is GG Bootcamp with the latest gaming computers, analytical tools, isolated areas for sleep and relaxation, and even a balanced nutrition program.

The other part of the esports island is the arena, which will be packed with a car simulator, a console area, gaming computers and a streaming area. Next up is the Digital Tower, which offers space for workspaces and animation developers. Rest, relaxation and luxury await you at The GG Resort, with 200 luxurious rooms.

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Saudi Arabia's plans are also big, with the Qiddiya esports district larger than the Vatican and home to the world's largest esports stadium. It will also include several luxury gaming-themed hotels, entertainment and shopping, and plans to attract 10 million visitors annually. 

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