Rihanna becomes target of criticism because of sexy nun look

10:18, April 10

Rihanna has come under fire for her provocative appearance on the cover of Interview Magazine. The singer and founder of Fenty Beauty posed as a lecherous nun, and many considered it “offensive” to Christians.

Interview Magazine posted the cover of its new spring issue on its social media platforms, sharing a striking photo of Rihanna dressed in a provocative version of a nun's robe.

Rihanna was wearing a white Dior shirt, open at the neckline, and a headdress from Sarah Sokol, which is similar to those worn by nuns. The publication also shared a video from the photoshoot, in which the "Diamonds" singer makes various faces at the camera, showing off eye-catching blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.

Many social media users accused the superstar of disrespecting Christians, especially Catholics. “I love Rihanna, but I never understand the obsession with sexualizing religious themes”; “Isn’t this blasphemy??” the fans were outraged.

According to some, it is “inhumane and humiliating to see Christianity constantly being ridiculed” and “religious imagery being used for the wrong purposes.” After all, many wondered why the Fenty Beauty founder "chose to make fun of religion."

But there were also those who stood up for the singer, noting that many of those who were outraged tried on the image of a slutty nun for Halloween.

In addition to the provocative look of a nun, RiRi appeared topless in one of the photos. But in this photo she covered her breasts with a huge hand. Flaunting her toned figure just eight months after giving birth to her second child, the Grammy winner was the picture of confidence.

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