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NEWS.am STYLE’s exclusive interview with Kéyoh (PHOTOS)

21:31, January 10

By Marina Adulyan

Belgian-Armenian R&B singer Kéyoh (Karine Ohanyan) continues to gain more and more recognition abroad, and the teaser of her new music video will be accessible on the Internet very soon.    

Kéyoh spoke about the details exclusively to NEWS.am STYLE.

Who is the writer of the song? And in which genre is it?

Of course I wrote it, just like all my songs. The song is about fun and love. The genre is R&B/POP/Dance, which has become customary for me.

And the video?

It is filled with a lot of positive emotions. I’m the only one in this video; there are no scenes of masses. And the meaning of the song lies therein: if a person is happy inside, you should not be intimidated. Be happy, if you want to!  

When can we expect the premiere?

In approximately one month. The video for “Shining Star” will first be released in Benelux. And whether or not it will gain recognition in Armenia depends on the goodwill of my compatriots, since I do not yet have a promotion with Armenia.    

What language is the song? And is it very different from the debut, “K.O. Love?”

The song is in English. It differs from “K.O. Love,” but it is in the same genre.

What response did the previous video receive? And was this song liked in Armenia, too? 

“K.O. Love” was much liked in Europe. I have not done any special promotion in Armenia, but I received an excellent feedback from the press and the Armenian fans.    

And what are you doing now?

I’m finishing my CD. I also have several concert invitations. And I continue to collaborate with various brands as a model.   

When can we expect you in Armenia?

I have plans concerning Armenia, but I will give the details once I finish my talks. I have an original plan with the Con Alma Jazz Band; I am waiting for their response. I also invited them to Belgium, to work together.

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