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Breaking the stereotypes: Modern Armenian businesswoman Shushanna Kostanyan - My choice, my risks

19:46, July 10

What is she like – a modern Armenian businesswoman from the millennial generation? Stylish, purposeful, ambitious. Yes. But most importantly, fearless and not afraid to break stereotypes. The co-founder of the luxury glamping chain Dreamy Domes Shushanna Kostanyan is only 25 years old. However, age does not stop her on the path to conquering the business Olympus, despite all the difficulties and prejudices that the young beautiful girl from Armavir had to face on her way. “The path to the stars is always thorny,” says Shushanna with a sweet smile, who also managed to work briefly in the public sector as an assistant to former Deputy Prime Minister Hambartsum Matevosyan. As part of our “Stylish People” project, I talked to Shushanna about her business ambitions, style, men and why she sometimes wants to be a little, capricious girl with rose-colored glasses.

Shushanna came to the interview in a stylish pale pink trouser suit. “Today I’m wearing pink, even my glasses are pink. I had a very stressful day today. And I wanted to look at the world with rose-colored glasses,” she notes. But don’t be deceived - although the pink color suits Shushanna, her character is by no means “pink”. She exudes strength, determination and a sharp mind. She says she has not given up the idea of ​​returning to the public sector after gaining experience in business. At my raised eyebrows, Shushanna explains:

“My mother taught me that if a person speaks poorly about his country, city, village where he was born, you should not deal with this person, he is a very dangerous person. I always remember the region and city where I was born. Because the homeland is not the authorities that were, are or will be. Homeland is a broader concept that is in your blood... I feel this responsibility, and I believe that all of us together must achieve changes for the better.

шушан1.jpg (60 KB)

Skirt, corset, tulle – Ruzane; Necklace: Made-vel-e; Watch: Panthère de Cartier;  Hills: Zara

...Given the situation our country has been in for many years, it needs us. What was and what is now is outdated. In order to turn over a new leaf, it is necessary for the younger generation to get down to business seriously, but this generation, including me, has a long way to go to do something really good for our country.

The best way to get training is in the private sector. In business, mistakes are hard to forgive, and this is the area where you feel responsible for every word and decision you make. Now I am exactly in the field where I can learn something and gain the necessary experience.”

How the idea of ​​luxury glampings was born

“During my studies, I did an internship in various top hotels both here and abroad. I have always liked the hospitality industry. I come from a family that loves to receive guests, treat people, etc. It’s inherent in me at a genetic level. I realized that hospitality is what I like, and this is what our country needs. I had a dream to do something in this area. I developed the concept of Dreamy Domes, involved a wonderful partner, and we launched this cool project in Armenia in less than six months.

The land where Dreamy Geghard is located is its founding strength: at an altitude of 2300 m on the road to Mount Azhdahak. In fact, it was a crazy idea, because no one believed that it was possible to install there electricity, water, gas, or to attract the best personnel... But to a certain extent, everything worked out, I won’t say that it was completely successful, since I don’t think that the project is running 100 percent. But the main thing is positive thinking.

шушан2-1.jpg (126 KB)

Dress: LIMÉ; Bag: LIMÉ;  Shoes: Dior

Shushanna admitted that if she had raised what she signed up for, she might have started the project a little later. “There’s a lot of stress and responsibility. I didn’t fully understand the scale of the problems and responsibilities that I had to face. But when you believe in your idea, you gather your will and go on. Fortunately, I am surrounded by people with extensive experience, seniority, good partners... And it was the awareness that they were behind my back that helped me move on.”

“One Dreamy Domes franchise has already been sold, and a wonderful project will be launched in Aghveran in August. “We are also currently discussing the opening of three more new locations.”

Interestingly, Shushanna noted that if she had a daughter, she would not want her to go through all this. “It seems to me that girls are like flowers, they need to be cherished...”

"Spoiled Child"

It turned out that her parents were not happy with their daughter’s business ambitions. “I'm an only child. Late and very welcomed. My parents couldn’t have a child for 15 years... They are kind of role models for their circles. Mom was in charge of the registry office from the age of 21, everyone respects her very much, dad is an engineer, who was even invited to Japan to work for several years. When I was born, everyone spoiled me, sometimes even inappropriately. I was a very active, uncontrollable child. But then, my mother, who has a very strong character (she still may not let me go home with a red manicure) decided to take the matter in her hands and brought me to my senses...

Screenshot (36).jpg (96 KB)

Shorts: Red Valentino; Blouse: Red Valentino; Scarf: Hermes; Watch: Rolex;  Swimsuit: Etam

Now they don’t accept the fact that I work constantly, that I have such a tense nervous state. They were initially both against the fact that I went into the public sector, and against the fact that I took on such a large-scale project considering that I don’t have anything in major. In their opinion, I can have a calmer and more prosperous life. They want me to start a family and live a quiet family life. “I’m just trying to explain to them why I’m doing this now, that I understand what a family is, but I’m only 25 years old,” she says and added that she did not consult with her parents when launching the project and refused their financial support. “My parents didn’t know, that I didn’t consult with them. They knew about my idea, but had no idea about the scale of it, until they arrived at the construction site. I didn't want to involve them because I knew there were too many risks. And I didn’t want to extend these risks to them as well. This is my choice, my risks.”

So where does the money come from?

Shushanna assures that she achieved her goal thanks to the right partnership. “Thanks to my partner’s experience, we were able to take loans. My family and I are quite wealthy. In case of a force majeure situation, they would have saved me in any case. But there were no initial investments. In addition to everything, I also do marketing, and I stand quite firmly on my feet in this area. I have a certain income that provides the quality of the life I need. And in the first period, this income helped me cover expenses that bank loans did not cover and ensure the standard of living to which I was accustomed to, based on the fact that I came from a wealthy family.”

шушан3-1.jpg (50 KB)

“... Of course I’m scared. You can lose everything in one day. If, for example, now everything that I have is taken away from me, in a year I will be in the same place, because I know how to do it. That's why I'm not afraid."

On the wave

Style is what creates a feeling of aesthetics and harmony. This is a wave. The inner feeling that you are on your own wave. For example, when you enter a room with world leaders on your own wave, you feel and behave very confidently and achieve the goals for which you came there.

True style has no time frame. Personally, I am more of an “old-money style person”. Luxury is in simplicity. For me, simplicity, not pretentiousness, plays an important role in style.

шушан4.jpg (80 KB)

Dress: LIMÉ; Bag: Chopard; Earrings: Pregomesh

...I really love equestrian sports, I practiced it as well as tennis. And given my sporting nature, I really like Hermes, because a lot of it is connected with horses, there is a story there, and they position themselves very competently in terms of marketing... In terms of style and my shape, Dior and Channel are very similar to me. I also very often wear clothes from Armenian brands, for example, Ruzanne, Zgest. If I buy myself something expensive, it is mainly accessories - shoes, bags, watches. I get this mix of luxury and mass market.

By the way, I recently discovered a new direction in the field of bags – Chopard. They are very interesting, discreet and cool. In a global sense, I am also a victim of marketing - Hermes bags, especially Kelly.

 "Shy" men

Shushanna admits that her success scares off men. “But it's for the best. As for personal relationships, I believe that if something is meant to be, it will be. And it’s not worth spending special efforts on this. What is mine will definitely come into my life. I am now in harmony with myself, I am moving forward, I have a full and interesting life. I am very glad that I stand on my own two feet and do not have to be with someone for the sake of any material opportunities. This gives freedom of choice.

шушан5.jpg (91 KB)

Considering that I am businesslike and active by nature, it seems to me that the person I choose will also be like that. Moreover, he will be at least five years older than me, I’m sure of it. Male peers seem like young children to me. However, I don’t want to set any rules or boundaries for myself in this matter. Because I try so hard, work so hard, and I want to have freedom of choice in this matter.”

шушан6.jpg (103 KB)

Blouse: LIMÈ; Trousers: LIMÈ; Belt: Hermes; Bag: Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses: LIMÈ; Sandals: Tod’s; Bracelet: Bvlgari

However, her beauty and youth sometimes hinder her in business. “Sometimes they don’t take it seriously. I won’t say that there are attempts to take romantic steps... No... I immediately set things straight in this regard, and they understand that in my case this is not going to work. But there is skepticism until the moment when you prove that you are in the right place.”

The thought is material

If a person generates a thought, he can automatically realize it. Just maybe not the first time. The most important part is to think positively.

Lusine Vahramyan


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