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January 11, 17:10

Since the Public Television of Armenia is choosing the candidate to represent Armenia at the 2013 Eurovision, contest’s official website said “one of the persistent rumours is that Sirusho might represent Armenia.”

The article mentions recalls that Sirusho has recently released her new single Pre-Gomesh which yielded 560.000 views during the first three weeks of publication

“It might indeed be a continuation of the Qélé Qélé story, the song title of which was taken from the works of Komitas, a famous Armenian artist: Pre-Gomesh, too, is influenced by Komitas' works. The buffalo (Gomesh) has an allegorical meaning, representing hard work, strong will, and justice.”

The website also quotes head of the Armenian delegation Gohar Gasparyan, claiming they continue discussing the candidates.

“Anyone can be our representative for Malmö, including Sirusho, we are still discussing,” she said. STYLE reached Sirusho’s manager Arevik Udumyan for comments. The rumors are circulated every year, she said, noting these are “pleasant rumors”.

2013 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden. STYLE

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