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22:14, October 12

“The Hillywood Show” is an American parody show created by talented sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi. Each show is a parody of blockbuster films such as “The Lord Of The Rings”, “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” along with popular TV shows and celebrities such as “Supernatural”, “The Vampire Diaries” and Lady Gaga. STYLE has had an exclusive interview with Hilly and Hannah, where the girls represent how they have created the show and what to wait from them in the near future.

-Girls, speak about yourselves. Did you take professional acting classes?  

Hilly: We never went to fllm school because we couldn't afford it, so we taught ourselves.  We studied dance for many years before creating “The Hillywood Show”.  

-How did  the idea of  creating “The Hillywood Show” come to you?  

Hannah: We have created home made films since a very young age.  We don't know why or where it came from but it seems that God had a plan all along.


-Which was your first parody?  

Hannah: It was “Twilight” parody.

-And can you remember which was the most difficult movie parody you’ve done so far? 

Hilly: “The Walking Dead’ Parody was really tough!  We didn't have much time to prepare for it but it all came together in the end.

-Girls, you’ve done a parody on “Twilight”, “Harry Potter”… Have you received any comments from the cast or the actors of that shows?  


Hannah: Yes, we have received great compliments from many producers, directors and cast members from parodies we've created!  BBC America, David Tenant, Lady Gaga, the cast of “Supernatural”, MTV, Ryan Seacrest, etc.

-Ok, let’s speak about your latest parody, which is on “Supernatural”. You even got the main actors in the end of the video. Was it easy to get them there?

 Hilly: A true blessing!  It was an amazing experience and we will always be grateful to the cast for being so down to earth and sweet!

-What future plans do you have connected to your career?  

Hilly: Our goal is to have “The Hillywood Show” picked up by a television network.  It would be a weekly show based on your favorite fandoms!

-Do you work at any movie parody right now? If yes, which one it is? 

Hannah:  We hope to create a new parody soon.  However, we need to raise enough funds on our new Patreon page!  Fans can help donate monthly at:


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