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NEWS.am STYLE Exclusive: Hollywood Actor Michael Goorjian On His New Book And A New Movie Where He Works With Robert De Niro

11:05, October 17

NEWS.am STYLE has already represented you an interview with Hollywood known Armenian actor Michael Goorjian, where he not only spoke about his collaborations with Hollywood stars, like Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Kirk Douglas, but also told that was working on a novel called Beatrice. Now Michael has changed the name of the book into What Lies Beyond the stars and is going to release it very soon, on October 26.

The actor reveals all the details about his new book in his new interview with NEWS.am STYLE.

-Michael, in our previous interview you have mentioned that are going to write a script titled Bestrice. And now it's called What Lies Beyond The Stars. Why did you change the title? 

-It was my publisher who wanted to change the title. They thought it was more compelling title for the novel and I agreed with them. I was a little hesitant first, but  now I’m pretty happy with that.

-How long have you been working on the book? 

-I’ve been working on this book for 4 years. During this long period there were definitely times, when I thought about giving up. It’s really difficult to write a book, but I’m very proud of it. 

-Can you shortly represent what's the book about? 

-I like to describe it what is called a philosophical fiction. It’s about the technological boom in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and a man who stuck in the middle of it all. He’s sort of searching for meaning and struggling with the kind of disconnection with other humans. Many of them filled with technology and there are screens all around us. And the man begins to dream the place where he grew up before computers existed in his world and he goes back to that place, it’s called Mandesino, which is a very beautiful area in Northern California and he happens to meet a woman who turns out to be someone he knew in his childhood and hasn’t seen for 30 years. She is mysterious and it’s not quiet clear if it’s really her or not. There’s a lot of mystery in the novel and it’s also a love story as well. 

-As you are an actor, producer and director, can we hope that you will also turn the book into a movie? 

-This actually started as a screen play, that I’ve written years and years ago and then showed it to a publisher who offered me a deal to write the novel, so I’ve done that and now I’m going to work on putting the film together.

As for the script, I’m not sure yet if we would change the title for the film. Right now the film is still titled Beatrice. Once I have more information about the film, I’ll let you all know and we’ll see, maybe we’ll be changing the title for the film as well. 

-Is it possible that the book will also appear in Armenia?

-I hope so. I don’t know at this point, but I’m going to ask about that. I actually have a friend there I should contact with him and ask about the possibility of translating it. That would be great.

I know that the book sells in United Kingdom and other places in Europe. As for now there’s no plans about the book to be in Armenian but I’m going to work on it.

-What about your plans of visiting Armenia? 

-Oh, I would love to come. Now that I’m done with this book, which took so much work, I deserve a vocation and what better place, than Yerevan? So I’m going to talk to my family and hopefully we can get out there. I have lot’s of friends there, whom I haven’t seen, I haven’t been there for 10 years. So I need to come back. 

-Are there any news in the film industry? New movie or project?

-I’m going to be on HBO film with Robert De Niro, which is wonderful. It comes out next year. It’s called Wizard of Lies.

As for other news, I should tell, that this book is one of the series of books I’m going to write. I’m going to write two more, so It’s going to have a continuation.

Syune Arakelyan

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