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For me Eurovision is over and I keep working hard towards my next moves. Hovig on Eurovision and his future plans

12:08, June 28

A lot of Armenians will remember Eurovision 2017 for long with two talented Armenians on that big stage. One of them was Armenian representative Artsvik, the next one was Hovig representing Cyprus. Our friendship with Hovig continues till now and we have another interesting interview with one of the beloved artists of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Hovig, you’ve tried for several times to represent Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest. Did your expectations come true?

For me Eurovision was a childhood dream, which finally came true. Yes, I'm very proud to have managed to represent Cyprus at the big final of the contest. Me and my team are very happy for thet opportunity.

Your song has become a real hit during the contest and a lot of fans thought you would finish in Top 10. What do you think, why that didn’t happen?

I can’t say why we didn’t make it to the top 10. The vibe around me and the song was really popular, and euro fans showed their love and support to me all the way to the grand final. I am so grateful for all the support. I know I did my best and presented a high standard show on that night. Everybody says Eurovision is so unpredictable and they are right I guess. For me Eurovision was such an amazing experience that I only have kept the nicest memories from it. We managed to rank number 13 in the televising,  for a reason the juries didn’t vote for us in the final. That’s why we came 21st. whereas in our semifinal we came 5th. That for me as itself is a huge achievement.

Do you agree with the results of the contest and with the victory of Salvador Sobral?

I like the winning song. It was a different song, even though it was not my favorite, of course I accept the result, especially when Salvador managed to win both the judges and the tele voting. However I believe Cyprus should have ranked higher.

I know that you have become very close with Artsvik during Eurovision. Do you keep in touch after the contest?

Truth is we didn’t have the opportunity to speak after the contest. I am sure she is busy as well, like myself with various things. I am hopeful I will be able to meet all the Armenian team one day again, which supported me and showed me their love much.

Has your life changed after Eurovision. Did you gain more success?

It was an amazing experience. I don’t let anything to change my everyday life. I am a simple person with a normal everyday routine. Of course I gained many more fans and followers all around Europe and I appreciate that so much. I am so thankful to all of them. Their love is what gets me motivated and gets me going. For me Eurovision is over and I keep working hard towards my next moves.

Now you have a lot of fans in Armenia. Can they hope that one day you will make them happy with a concert in Armenia?

I am so happy with the messages that I receive everyday from my dear friends from Armenia. They have showed me clearly their support and I can’t find ways to thank them enough. I am trying hard to create the right circumstances to come and perform there for my brothers and sisters in Armenia. It is in my plans and I promise to try very hard to make that happen.

Many artists try to represent their countries in Eurovision even for the second time. Do you have such a desire?

Only with the right circumstances. Now I have the experience of the show and I learned many things. So, I definitely don’t refuse the fact that maybe one day I’d go again to the contest.

What do you especially miss about Eirovision?

Many things. It was an amazing experience with so many artists and industry professionals. But mostly I miss the fans.

Your Armenian performance of Yervani Sirun Aghjik has become very popular in Armenia. Maybe you will try to perform Armenian songs more frequently?

It is in my future plans.

And what about your future plans? Could you reveal some details?

At the moment I have many performances for the summer, in Cyprus and not only. I am also searching for my next song. I am writing songs and experiencing with new material. Hopefully, I will have a new song to share with you guys until September.

Syune Arakelyan

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