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Exclusive: “I always hoped, that one day my dream will come true”. Artsvik will represent her own collection

13:32, December 8

The Armenian representative in Eurovision 2017,  Artsvik has decided to realize her childhood dream of becoming a designer. The singer will soon represent her own line and she has shared the details with STYLE.

Artsvik, you have always been mentioning that you’re very interested in fashion, but it’s interesting to know, from when on have you decided to create your own line?

Since my childhood, when I even was not singing, I have always imagined myself on the stage wearing my own clothes. I always knew, that one day I will launch my line. And when I started my singing career, I decided, that it’s time to realize the other dream. It was 5 or 6 years ago, when I decided to create a collection, but I was so engaged in music-first it was The Voice, then Eurovision, then concerts…I really didn’t have time for collection.

And you’re right, I always was mentioning fashion as an indivisible part of my life and here time has come… You know, on the whole whenever I have to go on stage, first of all I think about my image, what I have to wear. When I’m comfortable with what I wear, it reacts on my singing as well. By the way, my friends and colleagues will also confirm, that I have always been into fashion. Many times they have also come to me for advice what to wear, how to wear, and I have always helped them.

You now work both in Armenia and in Russia. Will your collection be shown in both of these countries?

Now I work on my collection both in Yerevan and in Moscow, and yes, it will be presented in these two countries.

What style will you represent in your collection?

At first I thought on two variants: evening gowns and casual style, but casual is more dominant for myself. I would like to show pieces, which will be different and unique. You should always try to be different. For example, I also like to wear suits, but I try to make them my own, so that everyone recognizes, that it’s Artsvik’s style. I have always mentioned in my interviews, that I hoped that one day my dream will come true, so it’s happening.

When do you plan to represent your collection?

Everything is almost ready, but I do want to represent the collection on right time. To tell the truth, I wanted to represent some pieces online before Christmas, but let’s see how things will go on.

Artsvik, your stage costumes are always bright and positive. Will it be reflected on your collection as well?

Sure, these colors will be shown in my collection as well, because I think, our life is not that bright, dark colors, unfortunately are very common: I really want people wearing my clothes to feel that positive vibes and be happy. If that happened, I will also be very happy. But besides colors I also love elegancy.

Ok, let’s turn to music. What news can we expect from you for near future?

Now I’m working on my new album, which consists of English songs. It will be released in January. Recently I have represented two songs in Armenian. One of them we have composed together with Sosi Khanikyan, it has already been shown on TV. I didn’t expect that the TV viewers will like it so much. Some of them are asking for a music video, but they have to wait for it)

I have noticed that you have organized a competition concerning the title of the song, which will choose your fans. Speak about it, please.

I still follow the variants my fans send to me. We have decided to wait a bit more, in order to receive more variants for the title. But I advise everyone to be attentive, because soon I will tag the winner and present him/her my single with my autograph on it.

Artsvik, I know, that you have had a solo concert in Moscow on October 28. How was that?

Yes, the concert past amazing. To tell the truth, I was a bit nervous, but thanks to my colleagues and fans, everything was fantastic. I want to say a huge thanks to Alexandr Gradski for his support and everyone participating in it. By the way, I plan to have such kind of concert in Armenia as well, let’s see, what happens.

Soon Depi Evratesil will be aired and we will choose who and which song is going to be represented on Eurovision 2018. Your advice to all the participants.

I wish all the participants all those things that people were wishing to me- first of all self-confidence. You should hear your heart and do your job, also remembering that you are representing a country, which is also a very responsible task.

Artsvik, you have already realized two of your dreams. What other dreams do you have?

Oh, I also would like to embody a film character, but I will realize that dream only in case I will get a really interesting offer.

Syune Arakelyan

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