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12:05, January 22

NEWS.am STYLE continues to represent the talented Armenians living abroad. One of them is international make up artist Rob Sargsyan. Rob lives in LA. He’s been interested in make up since childhood.

“I have always liked make up, as a kid I used to watch my Mom and my Grandma put on their make up and I remember being so fascinated with it. Then, as I got older I started doing their make up sometimes. Then my Mom’s friends liked her make up so much, that they would ask me to do their make up all the time”,-remembers he.

Now Rob is working with internationally known artists, such as Mel B, Rachel Roy, Ashley Graham, Dorothy Wang, Kim Kardashian and etc..

“I have worked with Kim Kardashian ones. She had seen my work on Instagram and asked her assistant to contact me. I did her make up for one of the episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians'. She’s very sweet and beautiful inside and out.

As you know I worked with Mel B, I do Rachel Roy‘s make up on the regular basis, I have done Ashley Graham, Dorothy Wang. I’ve done make up for a number of TV shows such as Housewives of Beverly Hills and WAGS on E!”,-says Rob adding,-“ I would love to collaborate with Jennifer Lopez!”.

People sometimes think that it’s very hard to work with a celebrity, but Rob doesn’t see any differences, whether his client is famous or not.

“Honestly, I feel like celebrity or not celebrity is the same thing for me. If a person is a good one, you could see that. I’ve been fortunate to have nothing but great people that I work with and I’m truly grateful for that”.

Rob hasn’t been back to Armenia since he moved to LA. However we asked  him also to speak about the make up of Armenian celebrities. “I don’t follow any of the celebrities, however I see them often on TV or in magazines or even on Instagram. I do think that they could improve their make up a little bit, but at the same time I definitely see improvement in the Armenian celebrity make up”,-says the make up artist, who is inspired by all kinds of make up artists all the time.

“I think they’re awesome and so very talented, when it comes any art or craft, so there is definitely a lot to be inspired by”.

We also asked Rob to speak about the make up trends of 2018 and share his advice with Armenian women.

“2018 is definitely all about perfect skin with the little bit of a glow, less eyeshadow, warmer earth tone eyeshadows. I also see no eyeliner in the near future hopefully (laughs).

My advice to Armenian women and girls is to wear their make up a little differently. They are already so beautiful naturally, that I don’t think they need the winged smoky eyes all the time”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos from Rob’s Instagram page

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