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Cher reveals her age-defying appearance is down to her diet

10:10, July 20

Cher, 72, reveals her age-defying appearance is down to her diet and she didn't smoke or drink in the early days of her career

And Cher has now revealed she puts her incredible complexion down to her diet, along with avoiding alcohol and cigarettes in the early days of her career.

The 72-year-old music legend told Lorraine Kelly on Thursday she does work hard to maintain her incredible figure, as she returns to the big screen for a role in the Mamma Mia sequel Here We Go Again.


Cher told Lorraine: 'I didn't smoke drink or do drugs and that has something to do with it I really do. I'm a good eater I work at it.' The Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winner has recently kept mum on the subject of plastic surgery, which she first turned to in 1985 after seeing herself on the big screen in Mask. It makes me happy. You know, if I want to put my tits on my back, they’re mine,” she once said of having cosmetic procedures.

Cher has owned up having rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, a facelift, and dental surgery, though any speculation of recent procedures is merely rumor.

The Turn Back Time singer also revealed she was nervous returning to the big screen for a role in the much-anticipated musical, as she plays Sophie's (played by Amanda Seyfried) glamorous grandmother Ruby Sheridan.

'I was very scared to go, you’re butting into people who have been together. I came late and I was the last one I was nervous,' she said. 

'I'm always kind of nervous, I was born to do this, but sometimes people who were born to do this are not timid but shy people so this is their other side, this is the side you get when you just get to be balls to the wall.

'I'm happy to have that happen. I came I did my best and I had a great time. It was like a party like we weren’t acting, all the boys were so crazy and being silly, and the girls were sitting talking and gossiping.' 

And despite decades of experience performing, Cher also revealed she underestimated the challenges she would face in singing some of ABBA's greatest hits.

She said: 'I never realised how complicated those songs were, when you go to sing them they're complicated and so to sing it you have to really have a kind of dedication, and the first time I did it was terrible. And then I got back and I aced it.

I'm immature, my mother's immature she's 92. My grandmother she was going to the gym when she was 85, they had a picture of her on the wall the oldest person ever. On her next move following the film, Cher admitted she would love to go behind the camera and direct a film.

She said: 'I know that actors always say this, I would love to direct a film, I love actors and I think I had perspective, and I think I would do a good job, I would love it.'









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