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Exclusive. How Armenian designer Marianna Harutunian managed to make a headpiece for Madonna's Oscars look in just 12 hours (photos)

15:41, February 26

The Oscars 2019 is already over, but people are still discussing the winners and, of course, celebrity red carpet looks. It’s fair, because the celebrities waste so much time for creating their event looks in order to astonish, to wow and to be remembered after the ceremony. And it’s so cool to see that Armenian designers also put their signatures in creating celebrity looks for such important events.

Armenian designer Marianna Harutunian, who is known for her celebrity collaborations (she has created jewelry pieces for Jennifer Lopes, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and other divas) has this time collaborated with pop queen Madonna creating a headpiece from gold and pure crystals.

This is not Marianna’s first collaboration with Madonna. She has created pieces for her during other ceremonies as well, but each time the designer does it with great responsibility and honor.

Marianna told STYLE how she managed to make that beautiful headpiece for Madonna in just one sleepless night.

“It’s a complete dream! She is such an icon. It’s completely humbling to know she wanted me to create something for her. I was about to leave my showroom on Saturday around 5 the day before the Oscars, when I got the call by her stylist, whom I adore, Bea Åukerlund and she basically asked if I can come up with something by Sunday morning. And my number one motto is always say yes and freak out about it later (laughing). I had to collect my material and head home to do an all nighter. She wanted Moroccan themed piece, so I came up with a draping headpiece in gold with clear crystals”.

However hard and responsible the work was it’s always a pleasure for Marianna to work with world known celebrities and then see her pieces on them.

“It’s an indescribable feeling. I love what I do and to see other artists recognizing my work and requesting from me is just surreal. It’s a dream come true, really”.

Even now Marianna doesn’t take time for a rest. She’s working and working waiting for another chance for rewarding collaboration.

“Currently I’m working on a few collections for a few clients and waiting for the next celeb to contact me the day before their event (laughing). I’m working on a few pieces for a comedian. His name is Kway. He introduced my work to Janet Jackson. Stay tuned to see what I come up with for him”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos from Instagram

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