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17:12, October 15

Relations between Brad Pitt and the eldest son Maddox has remained very tense. After all, it was the 18-year-old guy who caused the actor’s divorce from Angelina Jolie. But if earlier the artist made attempts to establish communication with the heir, now this is not possible.

However, the young man has disowned his 55-year-old father and does not want to hear anything about his star parent. According to Brad, the son admitted this to his friends.

Maddox has always been more attached to Jolie. And this is not surprising. He was adopted by Angelina in Cambodia in March 2002. Then the actress was not in a relationship with Brad. Pitt became a father to the guy a few years later, adopting him.

It was Maddox who, to some extent, pushed his mother to the start of the divorce proceedings. The guy has been saving resentment for Brad for years. As a result, disagreements regarding the upbringing of the boy caused the divorce of Pitt and Jolie. The actress accused her husband of child abuse after a terrible quarrel between Pitt and Maddox onboard the ship in 2016, when the family returned from France to Los Angeles. The conflict was captured by the paparazzi.

Source: KP

Photos: GettyImages / Anthony Harvey, Mondadori Portfolio

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