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Louisa Sharamatyan from Worst Cooks in America shares cooking advice and surprises many as she uses rock to cook Armenian tolma

13:59, July 6

Louisa Sharamatyan from Worst Cooks in America has shared some cooking advice as a member of the Chef Alex Guaranschelli’s Blue Team.

Thus, in the premiere episode of Worst Cooks Season 20, Louisa cooked an Armenian tolma. "While some Food Network fans might not be familiar with various Armenian dishes, it is a cuisine that deserves more attention," Food Network noted.

For Louise, Armenian food is more than just a dish.

"In our heritage and culture, food plays a big part. It’s what brings us all together," she noted.

And the young woman recommends tolma. "It’s stuffed grape leaves with ground beef that’s mixed with seasoning and greens. You can also do stuffed cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers and summer squash," she noted.

Many people were surprised when she pulled out a rock: "The rock is part of the Armenian tradition of making “Tolma”. Usually Tolma cooks inside a cast iron pot. My mom places a ceramic plate on top of the Tolma. Then she places the rock on top of the ceramic plate to apply pressure, so the Tolma stays in place and cooks thoroughly. The rock is also placed on top of a bucket to apply pressure on pickled vegetables. In our case, we store our bucket in our backyard because we usually use a large bucket and it needs a few weeks for it to fully marinate," she added.

Another popular option is the harissa. The Armenian participant describes it as “similar to porridge and is made of ground wheat and stewed chicken. Typically, it’s made with lamb, but you can also make it with beef or turkey instead.”

She also recommends a dessert, Gata.

Louise Sharamatyan learned a lot from her Worst Cooks experience. While fans would have to wait to see the season’s results, she shared three easy cooking tips Alex Guarnaschelli taught her: "Clean as you go, taste your food and don’t underestimate the power of salt."

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