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Participants of Miss Universe 2019 support Armenia on social media (PHOTOS)

16:21, July 23

The participants of Miss Universe 2019 have joined Miss Universe Armenia 2019 Dayana Davtyan and united against Azerbaijani aggression towards Armenia. The representatives of Salvador, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Guam, Argentina, Tanzania, Sweden, and Honduras have posted their photos on their social media by using 'Support Armenia' hashtags.

In her interview with STYLE Dayana Davtyan talked on how the beauties started to support Armenia and why their voices are so important for the world.

“I was recently very sad about all the Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia and wanted to inform the international society about this issue, about this conflict, that lasts over the decades. Unfortunately, a lot of countries are unaware of the situation in Armenia, Artsakh, and our borders. I think that as Miss Universe Armenia I have to focus the world's attention on this aggression towards Armenia and I’m thankful to the girls for supporting my idea. Each of them is the state beauty of their countries, and they are the symbol of not only beauty but also kindness and peace. They have a lot of followers and their word is very important for the world,” she noted.

Syune Arakelyan


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