2021 hair trends: interview with Ani Minasyan, a colorist from LA’s Studio KAY salon 

15:57, March 12

It seems that everything is already invented, why should we create a new bicycle? Although the imagination of a stylist has no limits, she always looks for something fresh to create new trends. Some of the hair coloring techniques are classics now, some are no longer used, and there are techniques which changed a lot within the last couple of years. Here’s an interview with stylish and talented Armenian woman, Ani Minasyan, a colorist at one of the best hair salons of LA – Studio Kay. We discussed 2021 hair trends and treatments, as well as her endless search for perfection. 

Photos by elzhbettakirakosyan.

- Ani, thank you so much for dedicating your time to the interview. When scrolling your Instagram page (link to the page for traffic) it is evident that you have your own handwriting and unique style. How did you start?

 I was pretty good at doing my hair since I was a kid. At a young age, I was able to style my friends’ and my hair. When I was a teenager, I also learned how to do make-up beautifully. I often helped my friends prepare for parties and occasions. One day a very close friend of mine (Anush) asked me a question that sparked a new interest in me.  “Why don’t you specialize in this field?”, - she said. That’s how it started. I chose an apprenticeship program so I was able to work simultaneously with school. Currently, I rent a chair at Studio Kay. Now I continue to learn and work, walk together with trends and apply all the knowledge gathered directly in my daily work.

Mainly, I try to share my experience and education with my clients and followers, which is what I advise to beginners. I also have a Master’s Degree in therapy and it helps me a lot when communicating with my clients, understanding their needs and achieving the color of their dreams. 

- Which is the most trendy hair coloring technique for 2021?   

There are many actual and effective techniques. The trendiest is probably the balayage which, like many other "new" trends in fashion, is the well-forgotten old. The technique was created in the 70s, in France, and is now very popular. The balayage allows to get the effect of natural dimensional hair color under the sun. Do not confuse balayage with ombre. In the case of ombre, dark hair is followed horizontally by light hair. There is no such clear division when it comes to balayage․ The lighter shades may be lower in the hair in some parts, and closer to the roots in others. This allows to for a more natural complexion.

- What affects the health and quality of hair the most?

Healthy hair requires care and treatment. Many factors can affect hair appearance and health: diet, lifestyle, climate, external factors: polluted environment, cigarette smoke, dry air. Trying to change our appearance and style through hair, we often damage it with improper bleaching, thermal or mechanical impact. It is extremely important to remember that hair is a part of our body and cannot be isolated from it. When you decide to lose weight through strict diet, your body and hair do not get the necessary vitamins. When you eat fatty foods, a lot of fat enters the body, which of course affects the appearance of hair. When you smoke a cigarette, the harmful substances in the smoke have both internal and external effects on the hair shine and quality. After all, insomnia and stress are major causes of hair loss. Thus, taking care of your own body and hair cannot be separated. You must love and take care of yourself and your body. The result will be noticeable through healthy hair as well. 

- How would you suggest to take care of damaged hair?

The first step is to analyze the harmful factors affecting your hair. If the hair is damaged as a result of coloring, it has become drier and sensitive. Keratin and collagen based oils, serums and masks will help here. I would also suggest moisturizing and nourishing conditioners that maintain color saturation. If you decided to lose weight, make sure to include enough protein in your diet, as hair is 97% composed of sulfur and mineral-rich keratin protein. Therefore, it is mandatory to include protein-rich fish and poultry, nuts, buckwheat and peas in your diet. If you smoke, I will not say anything new; I advise you to quit. Another option to get rid of cigarette smoke and lingering smell is replacing cigarettes with devices that function without fire and smoke. 

- What will be your advice to stylish women and girls: long or short hair?

Both long and short hair are ways to express yourself: there are several factors you take into account – weather, your job or average weekly time you are ready to dedicate to the treatment of your hair. One thing never stops being important: healthy and well treated hair. Multi-layers and asymmetry are a modern trend appropriate both for long and short hair. Consider complex hairstyles to be a thing of the past now. They can still be used for special occasions, but the speed with which the modern world is advancing requires minimal effort and maximum results. Now the trendy and fashionable hairstyle should be simple, appropriate for almost every occasion and should not take much time.


- What is the shortest way to the customer's heart?

- Well, I think when it comes to hair treatment, the concept of “clients” is old now. We need to move to a partnership. For example, if you go to the gym two or three times a week for an hour and then go to a restaurant and eat creamy, hard-to-digest food, will you achieve the desired result? I doubt it. Even in the case that you have the best fitness trainer. Hair care is not only the colorist’s obligation. That’s the reason why my clients and I are partners: we cooperate in order to maintain healthy and well-treated hair. And this is a day-to-day duty you must be ready if you really want to succeed. Clients need to be result-oriented as well: if I am asking to come visit Studio KAY in 3 months, they should come. If they come in 6 months, we must start from zero: and the final result suffers from it. The same goes for daily hair care, washing and treatment, and proper follow-up.

- What advice would you give to future stylists-hairdressers?

There is no limit for perfection. The world is running forward with crazy speed, and if you don’t succeed to catch up the trends, you are in the past. Keeping up with the trends in any field is possible only as a result of striving for excellence and continuous education. For example, I do not have any favorite hair dye or care products: it is a dangerous luxury for a professional. New care products, new techniques and new products appear every day, and the new ones are more effective than the previous generation. So, you need to be aware of the whole field so that you can guide your clients accordingly. Therefore, you should always be open to the new and keep on trying things.

There is one more important thing: never give in to the delusion that the customer does not see his neck. In other words, even if you work with the internal layer of customer’s hair, put maximum effort to your work. Believe me, you can always feel the quality. 

I always work for one single goal: the client should leave the beauty salon feeling confident and beautiful. If this is your vision from the very beginning, you can overcome all difficulties.

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