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13:27, September 17

Famous Armenian jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan went on Facebook, reflected on Azerbaijan's latest military aggression against Armenia, and told his followers about the events taking place on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Also, Hamasyan informed that he decided not to cancel his US and Canada concert tour—which is scheduled in November—so that he can comfort his audience through music.

“Since September 13th I have been feeling like sitting at home and cancelling every single thing in my life, but then I also thank God that I find some consolation through creating music and letting things out through sound, and this process helps me stay sane in these times of despair….and perhaps my audience needs a similar relief through music. This being said November tour dates in US and Canada will still be on,” wrote the world-famous Armenian musician.

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“My heart goes to the families of more than 130 soldiers killed since September 13th as a result of an invasion of Armenia by Azerbaijani Army which has just occupied 10 sq km of Armenian land,” Hamasyan added.

“Unfortunately international media is presenting this invasion of actual Armenian territory as ‘border clashes’ because they are getting a bit more oil from Azerbaijan these days to compensate the Russian oil shortage… Let’s see if there will be any sanctions against Azerbaijan and a tiny military aid for Armenia or is it going to be not ‘important’ or ‘convenient enough’ for Europe and North America to say anything about this situation?  I can not stand politics and politician so I am not gonna spend any more energy on this. Better go listen to Thelonious Monk play ‘I should care’…,” concluded the famous Armenian jazz pianist.  

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