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A Junior Eurovision everyone will remember: Antranig from Wiwibloggs talks about JESC 2022 and names his favorites

12:25, December 11

Junior Eurovision 2022 has combined several international media representatives in Yerevan. Among them is the Armenian blogger from Wiwibloggs, Antranig Shokayan. Antranig lives in Australia. His Eurovision interest started when Armenia first was represented in the Contest in 2006 by Andre. STYLE has had a small talk with Antranig about his passion for Eurovision, joining the Wiwibloggs, and predictions about Junior Eurovision 2022.

"It was very special seeing Armenia compete with all of Europe. I enjoyed some of the songs in that contest, particularly Finland's winning entry from Lordi, and I have been following Eurovision ever since. It was also quite a treat when Australia started competing in Eurovision. It gives me two countries to support every year!", recalls the blogger.

IMG_20180504_083127_506.jpg (108 KB)

Antranig has already had several Eurovision coverages with the Wiwibloggs.

"I followed Wiwibloggs and their amazing content for a couple of years before I joined and it was something I always wanted to be part of. One of my biggest hobbies is writing so joining the Wiwibloggs team and writing and editing articles seemed like an easy decision, so I applied to join the team in 2015. It is fantastic to be part of such a friendly, passionate and driven team of Eurovision fans. I have had the pleasure of covering the Eurovision Song Contest on the ground in Lisbon in 2018 and Tel Aviv in 2019 with Wiwibloggs, and am now excited to be here in Armenia for Junior Eurovision".

The blogger is very excited about Junior Eurovision being held in Yerevan. According to him there are several great songs which will be fun to watch on the stage today.

IMG_20190509_164911_037.jpg (119 KB)

"The entries from Spain and the United Kingdom are my favourites and I wish them all the best, along with all of the talented artists competing".

As for the Armenian represenative, Nare, Antranig finds her very talented and her song the most energetic one in this year.s Contest.

"If she can put on a fantastic performance and bring that passion to the stage, there is no reason why she wouldn't be able to achieve a really strong result and perhaps even win. Best of luck to her!".

IMG_20190509_153411_070.jpg (130 KB)

Junior Eurovision 2022 will be hosted by Iveta Mukuchyan, Garik Papoyan, and Karina Ignatyan. The blogger loves the choice of presenters, especially when the first time in the history of the Contest, the show will also have a robot among the hosts.

"It is no secret that Iveta Mukuchyan's "LoveWave" is my favorite Armenian Eurovision entry and one of my favorite entries from any country. As such, I am very excited to see Iveta Mukuchyan presenting in the contest. It is also a nice touch having former Junior Eurovision contestant Karina Ignatyan hosting the contest. Who can forget her breathtaking performance in 2019? As for a robot, I am very curious to see how that goes!".

IMG_20190514_033526_104.jpg (129 KB)

As for the participants, he finds it hard to predict the winner, but the blogger is sure the show in Yerevan will be a fantastic one.

"Armenia has gone all out to put together a fantastic contest and we have so many brilliant artists competing, so I think this will be a Junior Eurovision everyone will remember. It is very hard to predict who will win the contest, given that there are so many high-quality entries, but I will be supporting Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as Armenia of course!".

Syune Arakelyan

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