BRUNETTE: The 'ingredients' of her recognizable style

18:49, February 3

Everybody was talking about Brunette, who will represent the country at Eurovision 2023. The young woman has won over the local audience not only with her extraordinary voice but also with her unique images.

Slightly baggy jeans, crop tops, kerchiefs, and massive jewelry - quite a usual set of stuff. However, it is exactly what the incendiary brunette plays around with quite often. At first glance, there's nothing special about this. But Yeremyan manages to magically enliven these things, to add some spice to them.

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Brunette is one of the few Armenian actresses who manage to get a complete look. You can see that a lot of details have been thought out. There are the famous black arrows (which must be noted very much to her advantage) in combination with nude lipstick, and unusual decisions for hats. On top of that, Brunette is a fan of experimenting with hairstyles. And in general, there is constant play with the color palette, an unexpected combination of completely different textures.

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 "I like her style for the simple reason that you can see its presence immediately. In other words, you can see a piece of Ellen's personality in the stage images. Look closely at the way the girl moves, sings and behaves during the performance. All of the components look very natural and harmonious," French-Armenian stylist and founder of Oottee creative studio Arpine Movsisyan told STYLE.

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The style expert also noted that it is difficult to separate music and fashion in the current situation. Today, there are changes in Armenia. More and more artists dare to experiment with a change of image. Some use the services of image-makers, creating a more harmonious final product in the form of a stage image.

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What will Brunette look like at Eurovision 2023? For now, it's a mystery. Hopefully, the performer's stylist will suggest a more elaborate look. The inherent energy of the 90's RnB diva will be conveyed in a more detailed and non-standard way.

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